Multiple Choice Answers

IT facilitates and supports each of the following objectives except:

A. reducing risk
B. improving quality of service
C. developing new strategic applications
D. minimizing collaboration
In business-to-consumers (B2C), a business sells to a business but delivers the product or service to an individual consumer, such as in Godiva’s case.

A(n) ________ is a specialized type of ________ that aggregates data from various sources.

A. data mart; document warehouse
B. information system; data mart
C. data repository; information asset
D. data warehouse; database
Data warehouse content can be delivered to decision makers throughout the enterprise via an intranet. This is an extremely expensive method of delivering data, but the advantage is that users can view, query, and analyze the data and produce reports using Web browsers from any location.

Changes brought about by the Internet:

A. have been much more beneficial for consumers than for online retailers.
B. are as profound as previous historic milestones such as the Renaissance or Industrial Revolution
C. have increased the productivity of all workers connected to it.
D. all of the above