Multiple Choice Answers

Major reasons for outsourcing by large U.S. companies include all of the following except:

A. desire to focus on core competency
B. cost reduction
C. improve quality
D. develop unique capabilities
All of the following are characteristics of open source software except:

A. Open source software is typically less reliable than proprietary software.
B. It is a development method for software which allows users to modify the source code, enabling integration in different computing systems.
C. It may allow hackers to know about the weaknesses or loopholes of the software more easily than closed-source software.
D. Open source code is becoming a corporate building block.
Which is not a factor that must be taken into consideration when deciding on the design of a data center?

A. affordability and performance
B. heat and space requirements
C. power consumption
D. presence and privacy
In order to avoid failures and insure success, each of the following must be done when implementing an ERP program except:

A. Create a steering group with a strong executive champion.
B. Set expectations and manage the project effectively.
C. Conduct a survey to determine how the organization responds to channel partners.
D. Enable the infrastructure to support the change.
According to Moore’s Law as it relates to computing power, the price-to-performance ratio of computer chips _____________.

A. increases exponentially
B. increases slightly
C. remains fairly constant
D. decreases exponentially