Multiple Choice Answers

Question 1
__________ involves the use of information technologies and tools to model, measure, manage, and improve core business processes enabling companies to be more competitive and better serve customers.

A. Business process management
B. Business process engineering
C. Business activity monitoring
D. Workflow management
Question 2
Several countries, such as Canada and Brazil, impose strict laws to control:

A. the collection of taxes.
B. the flow of corporate data across nations’ borders.
C. credit card fraud.
D. counterfeit products.
Question 3
Order fulfillment is part of back-office operations, which are the activities that support the fulfillment of orders, such as accounting, inventory management, and shipping.

Question 4
The major benefits of EDI and EDI/Internet include all of the following except:

A. Minimization of errors.
B. Reduced collaboration among business partners.
C. Reduced cost of processing information.
D. Improved employee productivity.
Question 5
When the primary objective is to minimize risk during the implementation of a new information system regardless of transition costs, the most appropriate implementation strategy is the _____________ approach.

A. parallel
B. phased
C. pilot
D. plunge