Multiple Choice Answers

Question 1
What is a virtual world?

A. The popular term for advanced Internet technology and applications including blogs, wikis, RSS, and social bookmarking.
B. A term used to describe the future of the World Wide Web.
C. A user defined 3D world in which people can interact, play, and do business.
D. Groups of people with similar interests who interact with one another using the Internet.
Question 2
Which is not an advantage of the new economy’s way of doing business over the old way?

A. lower cost
B. greater speed
C. IT-based competitive advantage
D. less convenience
Question 3
Which of the following is not an element of a business model?

A. products or services
B. business processes
C. revenues or profitability
D. online advertising
Question 4
A limitation of enterprise searches is that they cannot be integrated with other applications.
Question 5
All of the following describe social media except:

A. They refer to the online platforms and tools that people use to share opinions and experiences with each other.
B. They are a powerful centralizing force.
C. They can take many different forms including text, images, audio, or video clips.
D. The key is that people control and use them rather than the enterprises.