Multiple Choice Answers

IP telephony has enabled convergence of LAN/WAN corporate infrastructures to the desktops.

E-business activities support selling, buying, and providing relationships, as well as the internal and external transactions involved.

Why is auditing a Web site important from the perspective of risk?
A. It is a good preventive measure to manage legal risk.
B. It is a key part of disaster recovery.
C. To insure that biometrics were implemented properly.
D. It is a necessary corrective action.

A(n) intrusion detection system scans for unusual or suspicious traffic, which is used to identify the start of a DoS attack by the traffic pattern, alerting the network administrator to take defensive action, such as switching to another IP addresses and diverting critical servers from the path of the attack.

Data privacy and ethics issues include all of the following except:
A. Concern about customer and employee privacy protection.
B. Restricting data access to authorized people for authorized purposes only.
C. Sharing data across departments to support CRM.
D. Cost of providing information required by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and other government agencies.
IT facilitates and supports each of the following objectives except:
A. reducing risk
B. improving quality of service
C. developing new strategic applications
D. minimizing collaboration

In business-to-consumers (B2C), a business sells to a business but delivers the product or service to an individual consumer, such as in Godiva’s case.

A(n) ________ is a specialized type of ________ that aggregates data from various sources.

A. data mart; document warehouse
B. information system; data mart
C. data repository; information asset
D. data warehouse; database

Data warehouse content can be delivered to decision makers throughout the enterprise via an intranet. This is an extremely expensive method of delivering data, but the advantage is that users can view, query, and analyze the data and produce reports using Web browsers from any location.

Changes brought about by the Internet:
A. have been much more beneficial for consumers than for online retailers.
B. are as profound as previous historic milestones such as the Renaissance or Industrial Revolution
C. have increased the productivity of all workers connected to it.
D. all of the above
Which of the following is true of wireless network security?
A. Wireless packet analyzers, such as AirSnort and WEPcrack, are readily available tools for protecting wireless networks.
B. Sensitive data that are WEP-encrypted and that are transmitted between two wireless devices are at risk of being intercepted and disclosed.
C. Wireless access points (WAPs) behind a firewall prevent access into a network.
D. Wireless networks are as difficult to protect as wireline ones.

___________ such as Yahoo! and MSN are gateways to general information on the Internet.
A. Corporate portals
B. Commercial portals
C. Mobile portals
D. Vertical portals

In general, which of the following is true about the transmission of confidential and personal information between an RFID reader and a back-end database protect?
A. Those transmissions are sent over secure networks to keep the information secure.
B. Information sent via those transmissions is protected using encryption.
C. RFID tags do not yet contain confidential or personal information.
D. Firewalls are used to protect information in transit.

Company executives are worried about proprietary information “walking out the door” on employees’ iPods, PDAs, or USB drives. Which of the following would be the most effective and viable solution to protect against this type of data loss/theft?
A. Ban the use of those devices altogether.
B. Do random spot checks of those devices.
C. Run software on machines that tracks and manages what is being passed across to any USB drive.
D. Notify all employees via email of the risk of data loss due to those devices.

What was the cause of the Department of Veterans Affairs’ data theft?
A. outdated anti-virus protection
B. lack of firewalls and intrusion detection
C. disgruntled employee
D. failure to enforce policies
When faced with potential changes in organizational power from the implementation of a new IS, stakeholders tend to either consciously or unconsciously resist the implementation by delaying, sabotaging or insisting on the modification of system development.

Supply chain management (SCM) systems add value to ERP systems by providing __________ capabilities.
A. customer and product support
B. analysis and decision support
C. forecasting
D. project management

The activities of business process management consist of designing, analyzing, implementing, managing, and optimizing a process for both effectiveness and efficiency.

IT-implementation success and failure is influenced by each of the following factors except:
A. level of risk
B. user acceptance
C. user support
D. user training

Business performance management (BPM) cannot be achieved unless managers have methods to quickly and easily determine how well the organization is achieving its objectives, and how well the organization is aligned with its strategic direction.
When users have the opportunity to provide input into the design and development of an IS, they are more inclined to buy-in to the system and less likely to resist it.

The latest business model is _________, which has become the cornerstone of the “lean and mean” way of doing business and staying competitive.
A. economies of scale
B. offshoring
C. green computing
D. business process outsourcing (BPO)

Which statement about research organizations is not true?
A. Research organizations produce numerous reports that are useful to managers in assessing suitable technologies for IT-based systems.
B. Gartner, Inc. and Forrester publish informative articles that assess the current status of different technologies.
C. Gartner, Inc. and Forrester are widely respected research firms with low cost subscriptions and subscribers from a majority of organizations.
D. Forrester hosts an IT Forum annually to inform and educate IT professionals about newly emerging technologies and IT methodologies.

What important change did ChevronTexaco make before implementing IT monitoring and support systems that helped increase profitability?
A. The company changed its business model from supply driven to demand driven.
B. The company collaborated with its largest competitor.
C. The company stopped making oil purchases in the higher-priced spot market.
D. The company consolidated the three parts of its supply chain.

The concept of on-demand enterprise is based on the premise that manufacturing will start their operation:
A. when inventory is received.
B. when an order is received.
C. when demand is estimated.
D. when production capacity becomes available.
Microsoft releases _________ to update and patch vulnerabilities in its operating systems, including Vista, and other software products, including Office 2007.
A. firewalls
B. podcasts
C. service packs
D. workbooks

There are differences in the ways various search engines work. They each perform the following basic tasks except:
A. They search the Internet based on key words.
B. They are powered by intelligent agents.
C. They keep an index of the words they find, and where they find them.
D. They allow users to search for words or combinations of words found in their index.

________ refers to the rules and processes to ensure that the enterprise follows accepted ethical standards, best practices, and laws.
A. Ant-fraud policies
B. Corporate governance
C. Enterprise systems
D. Organizational compliance

Which is not a major category of unintentional threats to information systems?
A. computer systems failures
B. environmental hazards
C. hacker attacks
D. human error

Many companies have implemented ____________ to enable managers and knowledge workers to leverage data from across the enterprise, thereby helping them make the smartest decisions.
A. data warehousing
B. database management systems
C. data modeling
D. metadata
Online banks and stock traders protect ID numbers and passwords, which provides complete security that customers demand.

Data redundancy wastes physical storage media, makes it difficult to obtain a comprehensive view of customers, and increases the costs of entering and maintaining the data.
To prepare data and documents for transmission over a network, they are converted into digital packets based on the Internet protocol.

What is a satellite-based tracking system that is used to determine the location of a person or physical item?
D. WiMax

IT security risks are ___________.

A. business risks
B. decreasing in number
C. avoidable
D. a technical issue
Which of the following is not true of SaaS (software-as-a-service)?
A. It is on-demand computing.
B. Users can access applications over a network, with an Internet browser being the only necessity.
C. It has become the way all software is sold, delivered and used.
D. It enables companies to meet fluctuating demands on IT resources efficiently.

At a strategic level, the totality of a company’s data resources is nearly irreplaceable. Yet data at this macro-level remains largely overlooked by corporate leadership.

Scanners read wireless signals from items that have ___________ that are either attached or embedded in them.
A. RFID tags
B. EDI tags
C. ATM chips
D. XML tags
Service-oriented architecture (SOA) refers to architecture that assembles small information systems, one for each business service, to create new applications, usually by using Web Services technology.

Bluetooth is a wireless standard designed for temporary, short-range data and voice connections among mobile devices.
Major reasons for outsourcing by large U.S. companies include all of the following except:
A. desire to focus on core competency
B. cost reduction
C. improve quality
D. develop unique capabilities

All of the following are characteristics of open source software except:
A. Open source software is typically less reliable than proprietary software.
B. It is a development method for software which allows users to modify the source code, enabling integration in different computing systems.
C. It may allow hackers to know about the weaknesses or loopholes of the software more easily than closed-source software.

D. Open source code is becoming a corporate building block.

Which is not a factor that must be taken into consideration when deciding on the design of a data center?
A. affordability and performance
B. heat and space requirements
C. power consumption
D. presence and privacy

In order to avoid failures and insure success, each of the following must be done when implementing an ERP program except:
A. Create a steering group with a strong executive champion.
B. Set expectations and manage the project effectively.
C. Conduct a survey to determine how the organization responds to channel partners.
D. Enable the infrastructure to support the change.

According to Moore’s Law as it relates to computing power, the price-to-performance ratio of computer chips _____________.
A. increases exponentially
B. increases slightly
C. remains fairly constant
D. decreases exponentially
In a DBMS, _______ offers the ability to perform complicated searches with relatively simple statements.
A. metadata
D. schema

The underlying infrastructure for digital enterprises and e-commerce is _________.
A. intranets
B. networked computing
C. public networks
D. wireless networks

__________ are intra-organizational Web-based networks that facilitate information access and collaboration.
A. Extranets
B. Intranets
C. Virtual private networks
D. EDI networks

All of the following correctly define the networking technology except:
A. WAP is an Internet protocol developed for transferring information on the Internet to and from wireless clients.
B. EV-DO is fast wireless broadband access that runs in a Wi-Fi hotspot.
C. Instant messaging has become a mission-critical collaboration tool for over 130 million workers in businesses of all sizes.
D. Bluetooth is how mobile phones, mobile and fixed computers, and PDAs can be easily interconnected using a short-range RF wireless connection.

Transaction processing systems are critical because they support business operations, such as purchasing of materials, billing customers, payroll, and shipping.
Which of the following is not a characteristic or feature of RSS?
A. Web feeds provided through RSS offer headlines, summaries, and links from sites in an XML file that can be viewed using software called a reader or aggregator.
B. RSS readers are software that monitors blogs or Web sites for new content.
C. RSS feeds dramatically cut down on the time it takes to search for information online.
D. With RSS and a newsreader, whenever there is new content, subscribers are notified of the availability of the new content, which they can then access by clicking a link.

The legal doctrine of respondeat superior holds employers liable for the misconduct of their employees that occurs within the scope of their employment

How does data management help to improve the productivity of managers and other knowledge workers?
A. By insuring that people can find what they need without having to conduct a long and difficult search.
B. By providing a central repository for customer and operational data.
C. By capturing real-time data and distributing it via corporate intranets and mobile devices.
D. By capturing and aggregating point-of-sale (POS) data.

Every record in a file should contain at least one field that uniquely identifies that record so that the record can be retrieved, updated, and sorted. This identifier field is called the___________ .
A. attribute
B. foreign key
C. primary key
D. secondary key

The characteristics of mobile computing are mobility and reach, which provide ubiquity, convenience, instant connectivity, personalization, and product and service localization.