Multiple Choice Answers

When a neonate or infant is not considered critically ill but still needs intensive observation and other intensive care services, the initial and continuing intensive care services codes are
A. 99466–99467.
B. 99499, unlisted evaluation and management services.
C. 99477–99480.
D. 99468–99476.

How many main sections are in the CPT manual?
A. 10
B. 6
C. 7
D. 9

Which category number or level codes represent services and procedures that have been approved by the FDA and have been proven to have clinical effectiveness?

A. Category III
B. Category IV
C. Category II
D. Category I

In which CPT appendix would all modifiers be found?
A. Appendix D
B. Appendix C
C. Appendix B
D. Appendix A

What is Modifier -52, reduced services, used for?
A. To indicate that the procedure was terminated at the request of the patient.
B. It changes the description of the code.
C. To indicate that a service was discontinued.
D. To indicate that a service was reduced without changing the definition of the code.

When a range of CPT codes are given in the index, this range is indicated by which symbol?
A. Hyphen
B. Colon
C. Brackets
D. Comma

Which of the following types of examination is limited to an affected body area or organ system and other related organ systems?
A. Comprehensive
B. Detailed
C.Expanded problem focused
D. Problem focused
The reason given by a patient for seeking health care is referred to as the
A. brief history.
B. primary diagnosis.
C. morbidity factor.
D. chief complaint.