Multiple Choice Answers

Which among the following would not be described in the systems analysis report?
1. The current information system
2. The requirements for a new system
3. The development schedule
4. The training requirements for users

Identify the sixth phase of the systems life cycle.
1. Systems maintenance
2. Systems development
3. Systems design
4. Systems analysis

A collection of activities and elements organized to accomplish a goal. This is the definition of
1. information.
2. an organization.
3. programming.
4. a system.

In this phase of the systems life cycle, the new information system is installed and adapted to the new system, and people are trained to use it.
1. Systems implementation
2. Systems analysis
3. Systems design
4. Systems development

A recent survey by Money magazine determined that out of 100 widely-held jobs, the top job classification, based on salary, prestige, and security, was a
1. network administrator.
2. cryptographer.
3. systems analyst.
4. computer engineer.

The first step in implementing a new system is to determine the
1. hardware requirements.
2. software requirements.
3. conversion type.
4. best alternative.

The final task in the design phase of the systems life cycle is to
1. select the best design.
2. design alternative systems.
3. write a systems design report.
4. examine hardware requirements.

Although the development time is shorter, it is sometimes more difficult to manage the project and to control costs with
1. rapid applications development.
2. prototyping.
3. systems analysis.
4. systems maintenance.

Which of the following is not necessary for a good program?
1. It should be reliable.
2. It should catch obvious input errors.
3. It should contain colorful graphics and an interesting user interface.
4. It should be well documented.

Identify the programming tool that uses linked symbols to show the sequence of steps needed to solve a programming problem.
1. Histogram
2. Pseudocode
3. Scatter diagram
4. Flowchart

As much as _____ percent of the total lifetime cost for an application program is for maintenance.
1. 40
2. 50
3. 60
4. 75

This is usually the final step in testing a program.
1. Manual testing
2. Desk checking
3. Attempt at translation
4. Beta testing

This job provides technical support to customers and others.
1. Computer support specialist
2. Cryptographer
3. Technical writer
4. Database administrator

The best approach to present your ideas to a manager is to
1. take him or her out to lunch.
2. present your ideas in terms of saving money.
3. present your ideas in terms of improving information.
4. present your ideas in terms of using the latest technology.

One way new technology can positively influence business is to
1. create products that are more expensive.
2. mass produce identical products.
3. create products that are faster, better, and cheaper.
4. create new needs among people and increase spending habits

If a computer user is frustrated, he or she might feel that
1. the use of microcomputers is overrated.
2. computers are magic boxes for solving problems.
3. it is an imposition to have to learn something new
This type of language uses natural languages to allow humans to communicate more directly to a computer:
1. machine language.
2. assembly language.
3. third-generation language.
4. problem and constraint language.

This is like making a summary of the program before it is written.
1. Flowchart
2. Pseudocode
3. Coding
4. Testing

Program definition or program analysis is another name for
1. program documentation.
2. program design.
3. program code.
4. program specification.

A compiler performs the following function:
1. converts the procedural language one statement at a time.
2. converts the source code into machine language code.
3. translates instruction codes from assembler language into machine language.
4. uses statements to tell objects to perform actions on themselves.

These individuals use database management software to determine the most efficient ways to organize and access data.
1. Systems analyst
2. Database administrator
3. Network manager
4. Computer trainer

The career of a _____ instruct users on the latest software and hardware.
1. systems analyst
2. computer support technician
3. network manager
4. computer trainer

Three new areas in which technology allows businesses to compete with each other include,
1. new products, higher prices, and new jobs.
2. new products, new enterprises, and new customer/supplier relationships.
3. new enterprises, new delivery equipment, and more complicated equipment.
4. new relationships, larger products, and fewer jobs.

To help you advance in your career you should
1. try to become a computer expert.
2. join only upstarts.
3. become a “jack of all trades”.
4. try to stay current with technology.