Multiple Choice Answers

What are the major differences between Eastern and Western modes of communication?
hierarchy levels
ego identification
all of the above

Which of the following is not a characteristic of culture?
biologically inherited

Culture is related to conflict when _____
there is a war
there is cultural distance
inflation is high
there is availability of weapons

Which of the following social groups are co-cultures?
disabled people

In order to have an effective communication between members of different social groups, it is not necessary to _____
suspend judgment
apply a single criterion
enlarge your own communication style
seek translation

Which of the following is a non-verbal communication?
a traffic light
a telephone call
a conference

Verbal communication is _____
reading a book
making gestures
the president speech to the nation

How do the Chinese use language to reverse bad luck?
using positive expressions
saying unlucky things
mentioning death
mentioning misfortune

Which of the following is not a dimension of intercultural non-verbal communication?
power distance

What is power distance?
the degree to which power, prestige and wealth is distributed in a culture
the relation between an individual and his/her fellows
the division of roles and values in society
the degree to which communication is explicit and verbal or implicit and non-verbal

What key assumptions are important for strategic management practices in American organizations?
people are socialized to value punctuality
Americans tend to be individualistic
American are egalitarian in nature
All of the above

Management scholars are increasingly using five value orientations to develop cultural profiles of countries. Which of the following does not belong?
human nature
natural and supernatural elements

Which of the following is not a form of cultural system?
people gather together in a restaurant
Japanese people
native American Indians

18. There is a crucial link that exists between context, culture and communication. Which of the following is not a core concept for US Americans working with Mexicans?
trust (confianza)
friendship (simpatia)
power derived from affiliated connections (palanca)
instability (inestabilidad)

Stereotypes belong to what level of intercultural awareness?
superficial cultural traits
significant and subtle cultural traits
insider’s perspective
all of the above

Which one is not a perceptual element of culture
good education