Multiple Choice Answers

1.) When considering the total quality movement the true judge of quality is:
top management.

2.) One of the basic reasons American companies lost their ability to compete was:
outdated strategies.
long time horizons.
technological strength in developing products.
strength of human resources.

3.) Concept engineering:
is not used all that much in modern management.
is a focused process for discovering customer requirements and using them to create products or service ideas to meet those requirements.
requires that products be developed in serial fashion.
is used when management has plenty of time to bring a product to market.

4.) _________, also called hoshin planning, is a TQ based approach to executing a strategy.
JUSE alignment
Policy deployment
Muri planning
Jidoka planning

5.) The process of drilling down to a more specific problem statement is sometimes called:
project mapping.
project scoping.
project planning.
project definition.

6.) Which of the following is an example of strategic change?
Establishing hiring guidelines
Seeking low cost position
Increasing the cost of the operation
Developing improved customer satisfaction measures
7.) The competitive advantage resulting from an organization’s __________ can drive low cost and differentiation.
quality control
policy deployment

8.) The central insight of goal-setting theory is that people whose goals are clear:
support top management.
will work more quickly.
generally are less motivated.
perform worse.

9.) The term “competitive advantage” denotes a firm’s:
inability to achieve market superiority.
ability to provide average performance.
lack of concern about its competition.
ability to achieve market superiority.

10.) The strategic planning process includes all the following, EXCEPT:
mission statement.
vision statement.
guiding principles.
budget review.