MGT 488


Why is it important for a firm to study and understand its internal organization?
Which is NOT one of the four criteria used to determine a firm’s capabilities are core competencies?
What is one characteristic of the current competitive landscape?
What is the one important factor to consider when creating a mission statement?

What practices should a firm avoid using to gather competitor intelligence?

Which is a component of a competitive analysis process?
Which of the following factors will be important for global firms over the next 10 years?

Businesses have many stakeholders, Which one is NOT considered a stakeholder for business.
According to the I/O model, what should a firm do to earn above-average returns?

A business level strategy focuses on customer related issues. Which item is NOT
part of a business level strategy?
Which item is a critical aspect of competitive actions and responses?

What is a key benefit from being a second mover in a competitive market?
A quality product is often one designed to have zero defects upon first use. Which item is NOT considered part of quality
What is a characteristic of a firm with low levels of diversification?
Which item is considered part of the Agency Relationship in modern corporate governance?

An entrepreneurial mind-set is considered an important part of an innovative organization. Which one feature
distinguishes such a mind-set?
Which elements of strategic management are
critical to the implementation phase of a strategic plan?
Which item is NOT part of a strategic management performance management?

Which aspects of past managerial behavior will change with strategic management efforts in the 21st Century?