Herschel Society

Complete the following steps:
1. Open a new, blank document, and save it as Herschel Society.
2. Change the document’s orientation to landscape.
3. On the Insert tab, click the Table button, and then click Draw Table at the bottom of the Insert Table menu. The Draw Table pointer (which looks like a pencil) appears.
You drag the pointer horizontally or vertically to create a straight line, and diagonally to create a rectangle.
4. Click in the upper-left corner of the document (near the paragraph mark), and then drag down and to the right to draw a rectangle that stretches to the right and bottom margins. The rectangle should be a little less than nine inches wide and six inches high.
5. Use the Draw Table pointer to draw the columns and rows shown in Figure 3-42. For example, to draw the column border for the “Dark Sky Protocol” column, click the top of the rectangle where you want the column to begin, and drag down to the bottom
of the rectangle. Use the same technique to draw rows. (If you make a mistake, use the Undo button. To delete a border, click the Eraser button on the Table Tools Design tab, click the border you want to erase, and then click the Eraser button again to turn it ok Click the Draw Table bottom to turn on the Draw Table pointer again.)
6. Press the Escape key to turn off the Draw Table pointer.
7. In the left column, type the text Dark S~ Protocol. With the pointer still in that cell, click the Table Tools Layout tab, then in the Alignment group, click the Text Direction button twice to position the text vertically so that it reads from bottom to top. Using
the formatting options on the Home tab, format the text in 36-point font. Click the Table Tools Layout tab and then, in the Alignment group, click the Align Center button. (Hint: You will probably have to adjust and readjust the row and column borders
throughout these steps, until all the elements of the table are positioned properly.)
8. Type the remaining text, as shown in Figure 3-42. Replace “Sarah Vernon” with your own name. Use bold as shown in Figure 3-42 to draw attention to key elements. Use the default font, but change the font sizes as necessary to make your table look
like the one in Figure 3-42. Likewise, use the Center Align button on the Table Tools Layout tab as necessarily.(Hint: For the bottom three cells, use 16-point or 18-point font for the bold items, and 14-point or 16-point font for the other text.)
9. Switch to the Insert tab. In the Illustrations group, click the Shapes button and then, under “Stars and Banners,” click the 4-Point Star shape. In the blank cell in the top row, position the mouse pointer over the upper left corner, and then click and drag
the mouse pointer down and to the right to draw a four-pointed star. If the star isn’t centered neatly in the cell, click the Undo button and try again until you draw a star that looks similar to the one in Figure 3-42. On the Drawing Tools Format tab, in the
Shape Styles group, click the Shape Fill button arrow and, under “Standard Colors,” click the yellow square. Click anywhere outside the star to deselect it.
10. Change the document theme to Civic.
11. Remove the borders by selecting the entire table clicking the Table Tools Design tab, Clicking the Borders button arrow (in the Table Styles group), and then selecting No Border.
12. Save your work, preview w the document, make any necessary adjustments.