Expanding the Conversation about Globalization
In essay #5, you will revisit and revise essay #4 by incorporating a scholarly article you’ve located via EBSCOhost or JSTOR. You will need to locate an article that discusses globalization in a specific context—as it relates to an area of interest to you (education, economics, non-profits, politics, business, popular culture, etc.). Then, you will determine how best to use this new information to revise your essay. There are a couple of ways (at least) to undertake this revision: You can use the new material to tweak your central argument, your thesis; incorporate the new material as support (either argument or counter-argument) of your existing thesis; or perhaps use the material to create a more engaging introduction or conclusion to your essay.
Essay #5 asks you to undertake a common task of academic writers: Using theory to understand practice. In this case, you will use the Appiah and Foer-informed perspective (i.e., the theory) on globalization you developed in last week’s essay to understand the factors at play in another scholarly work (i.e., a practical context).
What you are doing here goes beyond editing essay #4; you must transform and re-envision it to create a new academic argument for an audience of educated peers who are interested in better understanding globalism as it relates to a given area of society.
Please craft a short description (this can be in bulleted list form  if you would like) of the changes and transformations you made in revising essay #4 to create essay #5. Submit this description as either a second file in the dropbox or as a new page (after Works Cited) at the end of your essay file. Failure to submit this required information will result in a letter grade deduction from essay #5.

Approximately 800-1,000 words