Foreign Affairs

Topic: Effects of American Intervention on Foreign Affairs

Research Paper

The purpose of this final draft is to finish the paper by adding conclusion and an abstract.

Your Research Paper Final Draft should include the elements listed below.


– Abstract:

The abstract is a 120-word summary of your Research Paper, and it should be written only after you have finished

Your abstract must meet the following standards:

– Be no longer than 120 words

– Be located on the second page of your final draft

– Have a title of “Abstract” that is centered at the top of the page.

– Introduction:

– Body paragraphs:

You should use the following order for each paragraph in the body.

a. Topic sentence: This sentence summarizes the entire paragraph in one strong, well-written sentence,

and it directly supports the thesis statement.

b. Explanation of topic sentence

c. Introduction to evidence

e. Explanation of evidence

f. Transition
6. Conclusion:

Your conclusion should pull together your entire paper. Do not consider the conclusion a summary of your paper;

Your conclusion for this paper must be at least 150 words.