Expert Answers

When users have the opportunity to provide input into the design and development of an IS, they are more inclined to buy-in to the system and less likely to resist it.

The latest business model is _________, which has become the cornerstone of the “lean and mean” way of doing business and staying competitive.

A. economies of scale
B. offshoring
C. green computing
D. business process outsourcing (BPO)
Which statement about research organizations is not true?

A. Research organizations produce numerous reports that are useful to managers in assessing suitable technologies for IT-based systems.
B. Gartner, Inc. and Forrester publish informative articles that assess the current status of different technologies.
C. Gartner, Inc. and Forrester are widely respected research firms with low cost subscriptions and subscribers from a majority of organizations.
D. Forrester hosts an IT Forum annually to inform and educate IT professionals about newly emerging technologies and IT methodologies.
What important change did ChevronTexaco make before implementing IT monitoring and support systems that helped increase profitability?

A. The company changed its business model from supply driven to demand driven.
B. The company collaborated with its largest competitor.
C. The company stopped making oil purchases in the higher-priced spot market.
D. The company consolidated the three parts of its supply chain.
The concept of on-demand enterprise is based on the premise that manufacturing will start their operation:

A. when inventory is received.
B. when an order is received.
C. when demand is estimated.
D. when production capacity becomes available.