Expert Answers

1. The most powerful type of cocaine addiction is physical, not psychological. (Points : 4)
2. According to economic deprivation theory the reason why poor people turn to drugs is the need for status. (Points : 4)
3. Some reasons doctors have regarded alcoholism as a disease are nutritional deficiences and genetic factors. (Points : 4)

4. Which of the following is part of the treatment philosophy of Alcoholics Anonymous? (Points : 4)
requiring members to admit that they are alcoholics and powerless over liquor
encouraging members to develop a rugged individualistic approach to drinking.
encouraging members to maintain a moderate drinking pattern
urging members to seek psychotherapy
5. Most murders are committed by the victims’ acquaintances, friends, lovers, or relatives. (Points : 4)
6. Despite the shocking nature of their crime, most mass murders are not mentally ill. (Points : 4)
7. Child molesting is considered a form of rape because (Points : 4)
the victims are under the control and supervision of the parents
the victims are too young to give their consent
it is the same as raping a woman
most parents who engage in these activities are sick perverts
8 In the family, physical abuse of children is far more common than sexual abuse. (Points : 4)

9. If a person wanted to attempt suicide, but was not sure he or she wanted to die, which of the following methods would be the least favored? (Points : 4)
wrist cutting
gas poisoning in a car
gas poisoning in a house
hanging or shooting
10. Despite the advances made in the mental health field, people still attach stigmas to mental disorders. (Points : 4)
11. In order for a person to undergo involuntary hospitalization for an indefinite period, the person must first be (Points : 4)
convicted of a crime
charged with a crime
arrested for a suspected crime
judged by the court-appointed psychiatrist as dangerous to themselves or others
12. Fathers are much more likely than stepfathers to sexually abuse their children. (Points : 4)
13. Persons who listen to country music have higher rates of suicide. (Points : 4)
14. According to social stress theory, if persons do not have ____________, stress might lead to serious mental disorders. (Points : 4)
resolved personality conflicts
a strong biological and genetic make-up
coping resources such as a strong personaltiy structure and rigid self-discipline
coping resources such as a social support and self esteem
15. Which of the following types of people are examples of positive deviants? (Points : 4)
the saint, the intellectual, and the genius
those who show bad manners at the dinner table
the badly scarred, the blind, and the deaf
murderers, rapists, and kidnappers
16. From notes left by successful suicides and from reports given by suicide attempters, we can discern several types of suicidal feelings. Which is NOT one of those feelings? (Points : 4)
feeling apologetic to their survivors
feeling excited about the prospect of seeing God
vindictive toward their survivors or themselves
suffused with surrealistic feelings
17. All of the following are reasons why the DSM IV classification scheme falls short, EXCEPT that it (Points : 4)
is merely descriptive
is focused on symptoms and not on causes of problems
is too focused on the social causes of mental disorders
encourages the view that mental disorders are biologically caused diseases

18. To say deviance is determined behavior imples that humans (Points : 4)
gain benefits from deviant behavior
can choose to be good or bad
have free will
cannot choose between good and bad
19. Joe is a psychiatrist who works with mental patients and searches for the cause in some unresolved conflict in the patient’s childhood. He is probably using ________ theory. (Points : 4)
20. The rape victims feel that involvement with the police and courts is worse than that of the rape itself. (Points : 4)
21. The main purposes of the positivist approach to deviance is to seek out the causes of deviant behavior. (Points : 4)
22. Most U.S. residents generally agree about the definition of deviant behavior. (Points : 4)

23. Constructionists tend to present deviants as basically the same as convential people. (Points : 4)
24. According to control theories of deviance, the central question is (Points : 4)
whst causes deviance
what causes conformity
what causes criminality
what is the definition of deviance
25. An expression of disapprovial designed to invoke remorse in the wrongdoer is called (Points : 4)