Expert Answers

1. Tasers are being used more and more frequently by police in order to make arrests. There have been many taser-related injuries across the country, and even many taser-related deaths.  For this discussion, search the web for an article where police used a taser to make an arrest, and write about whether you believe that the taser was necessary in the case you found.

2. Is the acceptance of gratuities by police officers always unethical? Should it depend on the frequency and value of the gratuity (e.g., a cup of coffee at a local diner once a month versus a $500 gift from a defendant’s loved one)? Explain.

3.  You are a judge who is running for re-election. You have the support of the Republican Party, but not the Democratic Party. You are concerned that you may lose to the Democratic candidate. Should you change your election platform to be accepted by the opposing Party even if it means claiming you are opposed to the death penalty when you are not?