Ethics and Universal Health Care Reform

The course project provides you with an opportunity to choose one medical law or medical ethics issue of special interest and to study that issue at a deeper level for further understanding and application. This five to seven double-spaced APA paper must critically analyze the issues related to the selected topic, with the textbook, web resources, and professional journal articles (which may also be found online) being utilized to complete the project. Please be sure to cite all references using APA format to avoid plagiarism. The paper must be submitted in APA format. 

In your Course Project, be sure to include:
1 Description of your selected issue
2 Discussion of how the issue impacts healthcare professionals and healthcare organizations
3 Impact of your selected issue on patients and families
4 Critical analysis of the issue, including at least one specific case example
5 Significance of the issue to the practice of healthcare administration
6 Recommendations for approaches to deal with the issue