Using the file layouts below, write a class called PaySum (you should already have this from assignment 7).  Then write a class called Earnings that extends the PaySum class.  Instance fields are to be declared as private.  Provide get and set methods for each field and an overridden method for the display data method.  Include a constructor method for the Earnings class that initializes the check date to the assignment due data and check number to 102375.

Deliverables (what you are to submit):

  1. Planning Document (See below)
    1. A planning document using pseudocode.
    2. List of actions your program is to do.
    3. List of data items.
    4. A prototype/mock screen showing the output of your display data methods.
    5. UML class diagrams for each class showing the relationship of the parent – child classes.
    6. A set of test data with expected results.
    7. Your solution algorithm using Pseudocode.