Q. a.) National Telephone and Telegraph (NTT) Company common stock currently sells for $60 per share. NTT is expected to pay a $4 dividend during the coming year, and the price of the stock is expected to increase to $65 a year from now. Determine the expected (ex ante) percentage holding period return on NTT common stock.

b.) Suppose that one year later, NTT’s common stock is selling for $75 per share. During the one-year period, NTT paid a $4 common stock dividend. Determine the realized (ex post) percentage holding period return on NTT common stock.

c.) Repeat Part b given that NTT’s common stock is selling for $58 one year later.

d.) Repeat Part b given that NTT’s common stock is selling for $50 one year later.

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A customer wants to make a teepee in his backyard for his children. He plans to use lengths of PVC plumbing pipe for the supports on the teepee, and he wants the teepee to be 24 feet across and 5 feet tall (see figure). How long should the pieces of PVC plumbing pipe be? Show all work. (3pts)

SQL Skills

Details: Some of your team members are a little rusty on their SQL skills but need to create the SQL select statements that would produce running summary files for reports on the following:
Customer Volume by Month
Total shipments
Total weight
Driver Performance by Month

Driver ID
Number of manifests on time
Number of manifests delivered late
The team members sent you an e-mail with the following questions:

From where should they source the information for the design?
What difficulties would they have in writing the SQL statements for each of these tables?
Should any of these tables be created on an as-needed basis?
Do these summary tables violate the concept of table normalization?
Assignment Guidelines

Provide answers to the 4 questions outlined in the assignment description in a 2–3-page Word document.
Provide any examples, tables, or SQL statements that you created to arrive at your solutions.
A 1–2-page Word document that contains your answers to the assignment questions and any material that you created to assist you with the assignment.


Teachers should not impose their personal values on students and should remain value neutral. If you were the instructor for an ethics course, outline three distinct strategies you would practice in order to ensure you remain neutral. APA format, with 2 references