MS Excel

The warehouse manager asked you to create an example inventory list for his staff. The inventory list is a comprehensive chart that lists all of the company’s internal resources: equipment, machines, technology, furniture, office supplies, etc.
Considering the company, its services, and its products, draft an inventory list of all internal resources.
•Use the following format: ◦1,000–1,200 words
◦MS Excel spreadsheet
•Include an inventory chart with relevant categories.
•Categorize the inventory based on departments, units, and teams.
•Include time lines for restocking resources and placing orders based on anticipated

Work Shown

“1. What is the present value of the following uneven cash flow stream −$50, $100, $75, and $50 at the end of Years 0 through 3? The appropriate interest rate is 10%, compounded annually

2. We sometimes need to find out how long it will take a sum of money (or something else, such as earnings, population, or prices) to grow to some specified amount. For example, if a company’s sales are growing at a rate of 20% per year, how long will it take sales to double

3. Will the future value be larger or smaller if we compound an initial amount more often than annually—for example, every 6 months, or semiannually—holding the stated interest rate constant? Why?

4. What is the effective annual rate (EAR or EFF%) for a nominal rate of 12%, compounded semiannually? Compounded quarterly? Compounded monthly? Compounded daily?

5. Suppose that on January 1 you deposit $100 in an account that pays a nominal (or quoted) interest rate of 11.33463%, with interest added (compounded) daily. How much will you have in your account on October 1, or 9 months later?

6. What would be the value of the bond described above if, just after it had been issued, the expected inflation rate rose by 3 percentage points, causing investors to require a 13% return? Would we now have a discount or a premium bond?

7. What would happen to the bond’s value if inflation fell and rd declined to 7%? Would we now have a premium or a discount bond? ”

8. What is the yield to maturity on a 10-year, 9% annual coupon, $1,000 par value bond that sells for $887.00?

9. What does a bond selling at a discount or at a premium tell you about the relationship between rd and the bond’s coupon rate.

10. What are the total return, the current yield, and the capital gains yield for the discount bond In Question #8 at $887.00?”

Work Shown

Jacque and Sam want to purchase a new home but don’t know how much mortgage they can qualify for. The lender requires total installment loan payments that do not exceed 32% of gross monthly income. Based on Jacque and Sam’s financial data below, what is the maximum monthly mortgage payment for which they can qualify?
Monthly gross income $5,000
Car payment $400
Student loan payment $300
Current rent payment $1,000

Jackie is in the 28% marginal tax bracket and has no other itemized deductions except those related to her home. If her standard deduction is $4,750 and she incurs the following costs related to housing, how much tax savings will she receive as a result of her home purchase?
Mortgage interest $14,000
Principal repayment $800
Homeowner’s insurance $1,000
Real estate taxes $4,000
Homeowner’s association fees $1,200

Multiple Choice Answers

1) Jerry is not happy with a change his firm has recently implemented. Which one resistance to change method could he use that might actually have a chance of reversing the change?
A) Sabotage
B) Regression
C) Resignation
D) Decreased productivity
2) How does regression work as a method of resistance to change?
A) Workers pretend to forget their skills and perform them at the level of a new,
untrained worker.
B) Workers quit their jobs hoping the change will be reversed and they get rehired.
C) Workers deliberately break things.
D) Workers go back to working at a previous job.
3) Discarding old ideas and habits in order to learn new ones involves which phase of the change process?
A) Unfreezing
B) Freezing
C) Refreezing
D) Thawing
4) Which type of change methodology would involve  changing for a limited time and then evaluating effectiveness of the change?
A) Trial period
B) Experimentation
C) New-person method
D) Participation
5) In change management, what is acceptance?
A) Taking part in the decision-making process that leads to a change.
B) Receiving change and regarding it as fact.
C) Becoming thoroughly familiar with a change.
D) Using or implementing change.
6) As the deals at Generon became more and more complex, Tamara, Generon’s  VP of Sales became more and more lost. The complex deals seemed to be  exposing Generon to greater risks, but Tamara figured if they were really that bad, the other parties involved in the deals would say something. Less than  a year later, Generon collapsed and the deals Tamara oversaw are being
blamed. What need did Tamara fail to pay attention to?
A) Self-actualization
B) Equilibrium
C) Self-esteem
D) Anticipation
7) Which of the following is the first key step when implementing a large-scale change?
A) Determine necessity
B) Communicate the vision
C) Clear the path
D) Follow through
8) Traditional managers issuing direct orders when implementing a change are using which method to accomplish their planned change?
A) Manipulation
B) Training
C) Directives
D) Participation
9) Ted was excited to begin his new job as Assistant Vice President of Sales that is, until his first day on the job!! Turns out his employer has told him he  is now responsible for telling the employees about changes in the company’s benefit programs. Which method for accomplishing change is his employer  using?
A) Training
B) New person
C) Participation
D) Directives
10) Attributes such as confidence, dominance, and creating a vision can be found in the ________.
A) task leader
B) reactive leader
C) charismatic leader
D) situational leader
11) The tools and techniques which are unique to a specialized situation a leader  possesses can be called ________.
A) networking skills
B) conceptual skills
C) human relations skills
D) technical skills
12) Claire is obligated to perform her assigned work and to make certain that oth ers she may delegate work to also perform their tasks in a prescribed way. This obligation is known as ________.
A) accountability
B) responsibility
C) authority
D) power
13) Which of the following statements best defines the concept of behavioral  leadership?
A) Applying positive techniques in leadership.
B) Utilizing punishment to accomplish organizational objectives.
C) Utilizing fear and intimidation to influence employees.
D) Authoritarian leadership where others are simply told how to follow.
14) Dr. Marvin is the head of a group of emergency room physicians. He reports to Dr. Diehl. Dr. Diehl has told Dr. Marvin, “Go ahead and rely on your training, ethics, and ideas to point the way for you and trust your own judgment when making any decisions.” What style of leadership is Dr. Diehl telling Dr. Marvin he should expect from his superior when it comes to help with making
decisions, etc.?
A) Charismatic
B) Traditional
C) Autocratic
D) Free-reign
15) Leaders who believe workers are lazy, dislike work, and avoid it at all costs  have a _____ attitude.
A) Theory Z
B) Theory X
C) Theory Y
D) Derived Theory X
16) Employees who abuse alcohol or drugs are often called ________.
A) habit personnel
B) substance abusers
C) problem indicators
D) non-exempt employees
17) Which of the following refers to the stress stage that reveals itself as a slight change from “normal” behavior?
A) Yield point
B) Rupture point
C) Elastic limit
D) Flash point
18) Which of the following refers to the warning stage indicating an individual is nearing their stress threshold?
A) Flash point
B) Rupture point
C) Elastic limit
D) Yield point
19) In psychological or stress terms, what is conversion?
A) Unintentionally forgetting something as a means of avoiding it
B) Enlarging problems out of all realistic proportions
C) Expressing frustration in bodily symptoms of pain or malfunction
D) Redirecting pent-up feelings towards others
20) Daryl’s job is to discipline inmates at a correctional facility. Lately, Daryl has been having stomach problems and trouble sleeping. What is his distress most likely caused by?
A) Quantitative demand distress
B) Work role distress
C) Chronic stress
D) Work pace control
21) What does the term multicultural mean?
A) Having the belief in the superiority of one’s own ethnic group.
B) Having a limited, narrow, or self-centered perspective.
C) Relating to several cultures simultaneously.
D) Having an unreasonable fear of those who are different from you.
22) What is it Affirmative Action programs are intended to do?
A) Equalize pay between men and women.
B) Create greater equity in employment.
C) Ensure reasonable accommodations are made for disabled workers.
D) Equalize working conditions for men and women.
23) Mark is attempting to make sure female employees in his workplace are paid as much as male employees when performing tasks in other occupations requiring comparable, but not necessarily identical skills, training, responsibilities, hazards, and effort. This process is known as ________.
A) xenophobia
B) affirmative action
C) sanctions
D) comparable worth
24) Andi has been up for promotion four times and has been passed up every time. It is well known that her family and three children are important to her. She gives a full measure of effort in her current job, but upper management feels she would not be willing to give the 110 percent they think would be required if she was promoted. What term describes Andi’s situation?
A) xenophobia
B) the mommy track
C) affirmative action
D) legal discrimination
25) Ismael is from India and is the new Data Center Manager. Having heard what country Ismael is from, Michael has already decided Ismael is not qualified for the job but was given the job due to his nationality. Which of the following terms best defines Michael’s view?
A) Prejudice
B) Expatriation
C) Diversity
D) Multiculturalism