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Indicate the effect of each item on a Company’s working capital, current ratio, and acid-test ratio. Use + for increase, – for decrease, and (NE) for no effect.
1. Credit sales for the year amounted to $312,000. The cost of goods sold was $202,800.
2. Collected accounts receivable, $327,600.
3. Purchased inventory on account, $218,400.
4. Issued 650 shares of common stock for $23 per share.
5. Wrote off $9,100 of uncollectible accounts using the allowance for bad debts.
6. Declared and paid a cash dividend, $26,000.
7. Sold marketable securities costing $33,800 for $40,300 in cash.
8. Recorded insurance expense for the year, $15,600. The premium for the policy was paid in June 2013.
9. Borrowed cash on a short-term bank loan, $13,000.
10. Repaid principal of $52,000 and interest of $3,900 on a long-term bank loan

The Vignette of Marcus

Review the media The Vignette of Marcus. Based on the information presented, address the following questions:What mental disorder would you consider for Marcus? List the specific criteria from the DSM-5 that you believe Marcus meets, given the information you currently know about him. If Marcus does not meet all of the criteria needed for a diagnosis, what additional information would you need to gather?
What score would you document for Marcus, if Marcus’ family completed the parent- or guardian-rated Level 1 cross-cutting symptom measure? Include the specific information you included when coming up with this score.
What other factors (such as school system, family constellation, or medical and health care system) would you need to include when formulating a diagnosis and treatment plan for Marcus? In what way is his family system either helping him to cope at school or exacerbating the problems Marcus is having?
How would you explain Marcus’ symptoms from a biological perspective? How would you explain his symptoms from a psychosocial perspective?Support your ideas with references to the course texts, articles from this learning unit, articles from the Optional Readings for Principles of Psychopathology list, or articles from peer-reviewed journals that you locate in the Capella library.(((((Vignette of Marcus ))))Marcus is a 10-year-old boy who has been struggling at school. During the past year he has frequently been in fights with other students during recess. He argues with his teacher and sometimes refuses to follow her requests. He has also been in trouble for taking items belonging to other students such as lunch snacks, a sweatshirt left on the playground, and some loose change that was sitting on a desk. During class time, Marcus has difficulty following instructions and completing his work. He is easily distracted, does not pay attention to details, and frequently leaves his seat to interrupt the work of other students.Marcus is doing better at home. He spends the weekdays with his mother and two younger brothers whose ages are 5 and 7. He helps with many of the household chores his mother cannot attend to while she is at work full time. On the weekends, Marcus lives with his father, stepmother, his 11-year-old stepsister, and his 3-year-old half-sister. He describes his father and stepmother as being very strict, but he enjoys playing with two other boys his age who live in the neighborhood.Marcus’ teacher has met with his parents on several occasions to discuss his poor academic progress. She has expressed concern with the level of his academic skills in writing and math, as well as with his ability to get along well with others. Both the teacher and school principal have recommended counseling for Marcus, and the parents’ insurance plan will pay for 10 visits. Marcus’ pediatrician has also suggested the possibility of medication.

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1. Research organizational benefits of using databases and DBMS’s. Supplement your research with a review of your lessons. Post a response to the discussion board: Respond to the following statements and, if appropriate, include personal experience as part of your answers.

• Post at least two reasons organizations use databases and DBMS’s.

• Post one advantage a database has over a spreadsheet

2. Self-awareness is critical to effective leadership. You are on a committee for creating a leadership development program at a large corporate organization with 12 VPs, who provide oversight to over 4,000 employees. What processes would you introduce to help leaders who participate in the leadership development program to constructively develop a better self-awareness (e.g., personality, values, and personal biases)?

3. Research the process of System Development Life Cycle. Discuss how and why an organization should apply SDLC process. If you work as IT staff in an organization, how you will suggest your team and your manager to implement or improve SDLC process. (Optional) Be sure that you understand OOD and can identify those firms that use it for development. Include a business or type of business that uses OOD and an explanation of how they used it.

4. Describe some of the aspects of successful, self-directed teams and virtual teams. Share an example of a team you have worked with and how these aspects were and/or were not present. Include one aspect that was not present that you wish had been a characteristic of the team; how would it have changed things?

APA Format

what are some differences one might expect among stakeholder expectations for a non profit organization versus a for-profit business? Do you think non-profit managers have to pay more attention to stakeholders than do for-profit managers? Explain You may use two (2) quotes in your report, each no more than one sentence in length. A minimum of 700 words, APA Format