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The ________ theory of homosexuality is based on the idea that levels of certain ________ differ from heterosexuals either _______ or ________ birth.
A. genetic, genes, prenatally, after
B. hormonal, hormones, parentally, after
C. genetic, hormones, during, after
D. psychoanalytic, neurotransmitters, during, after
E. hormonal, hormones, during, after
Sexual ________ and sexual ________ are two distinct measures; one is not necessarily consistently predictive of the other.
A. orientation, behavior
B. orientation, identity
C. behavior, identity
D. behavior, preference
E. behavior, fantasy
In the past, the term ________ described ________, with the latter term now considered to be accurate
A. sexual preference, sexual orientation
B. sexual preference, homophobia
C. sexual orientation, heterosexuality
D. sexual orientation, homosexuality
E. homosexuality, sexual orientation
Parents need to start helping their children grow up into sexually healthy adults ___________
A. from the very first months after birth.
B. as soon as they reach the age of three.
C. at the age they begin going to school.
D. when they reach puberty.
E. as soon as they are responsible