If a relationship is strongly positive we know that. A. There is a casual relationship between variables. B. The column margins are skewed. C. High dependent variable scores are associated with high independent variable scores. D. The N is large. E. There are few cases in the diagonal

1 A major output of the classical school of management was the development of behavioral approach to management
2 In terms of ethics, you face a defining moment when you have the opportunity steal without getting caught
3 A major difference in the communication styles of men and women is that men typically communicate to convey information or establish status
4 Kris, a job candidate, is evaluated to have a high propensity for risk-taking and thrill seeking. Kris should be assigned to a job with rapid changes and hazardous tasks
5 The rational model of decision making assumes
that the decision maker can calculate the probability of success for alternatives
6 Richness in a communication message refers to
the amount of feeling that is communicated with the message
7 A recommended leadership strategy for enhancing creativity and innovation is to eliminate financial incentives for creative work
8 Which of the following is not considered to be a foundation for successful teamwork?
9 The skills a team leader requires includes:
flexibility, delegation, and collaboration
10 A leader who scored high on initiating structure would
emphasize work scheduling and assigning tasks
11 The situational approach to leadership would lead to the conclusion that a global leader must factor in which of the following organizational attributes
12 In the hostile environment form of sexual harassment, the harassed person
may not necessarily suffer a job loss
13 The organization structure best suited to gaining the advantage of specialization is ____ departmentalization functional
14 When a company uses outsourcing,
certain activities are assigned to other companies
15 The foundation of any organizational culture is based on
16 The biggest challenge associated with bringing about workplace innovations is to bring about cultural change
17 A five-year study of the impact of diversity on business results found that diversity can enhance business performance only
with proper training and an organization to support the training
18 Ethnocentrism is most likely to hamper cross-cultural relations because ethnocentric people prefer people from cultures similar to their own