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The student’s willingness to complete all assignments and to take required quizzes and exams in a timely fashion demonstrates.
A key to the student’s ability to apply strategies so that school requirements, assignments, and exams are met in a timely fashion is.
The student’s ability to think through difficult problem or dilemmas and try to find possible and plausible solutions.
The most basic software required for an online course where writing is involved is.
The technology generally used for communication with instructors and peers that allows for attachments of document is.
The use of learning materials such as video and audio clips, animation, film, presentations, or prodcast is referred to as.
The first and most important document to read when beginning your online curse is the.
When you make your answer clear by giving an example, you.
Compare is to discover resemblances and differences, while contrast is to look for.
To review your answer for correct spelling, grammar complete sentences, and punctuation is to.
Plagiarism is copying another’s work word for word, except when you copy and cite a (n).
Explain, discuss analyze, state, and evaluate are examples of words in an essay-type exam.