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In 1878, the United States Supreme Court denied lawyer Belva Lockwood the right to argue cases before the Court stating there was ‘no English precedent’ for admitting women lawyers to the Bar. The Court required that ‘special legislation’ be enacted before women would be permitted to act as lawyers in the courtroom.

“To remove this barrier, Lockwood herself drafted the necessary legislation and successfully argued for its passage before the House Judiciary Committee. The bill became law in February of 1879, and the very next month Lockwood became the first woman to argue a case before the Supreme Court. This groundbreaking achievement was only one in a distinguished career; in 1884, Lockwood also became the first woman to appear on a presidential ballot.”

Base your answer solely on the contents of this passage.

Lockwood was the first woman in the United States to do which of the following?

Choose 2 answers
A. Draft a bill for passage by the House Judiciary Committee.
B. Argue a case before the Supreme Court.
C. Cast a vote in a presidential election.
D. Serve on the House Judiciary Committee.
E. Run in a presidential election.

For most people, the religious revival of the eighteenth century focused on feelings and enthusiasm.

When presented with new reading material, which of the following does your text NOT recommend? (Points : 1)
Write a paragraph summary of each sub-topic.
Set specific goals.
Break up your work into smaller sections.
Do your best to memorize the chapter
Kayla is curious about objects and activities, like climbing walls, drinking at a fountain, and playing at the park. However, Kayla’s mother hovers over her, clearly worried about her safety and restricting her exploration and play. According to Erikson, what is the likely outcome for Kayla? (Points : 1)
Kayla will grow up with a strong will in order to overcome her mother’s restrictions.
Because she has been restricted from activities, Kayla will begin to doubt her abilities.
Kayla will develop a sense of purpose to combat her sense of guilt.
Kayla will engage in more goal-oriented play and experience an identity crisis
The training of animals (like teaching dogs to open doors for the disabled) uses ________________ principles of psychology. (Points : 1)
Whenever Levi cries, his parents seem to satisfy him by changing his diaper, feeding him, or holding him. Simply put, Levi’s parents seem to fulfill his dependency needs. What stage of development would Erikson say that Levi is experiencing? (Points : 1)
Trust vs. Mistrust
Autonomy vs. Shame and Doubt
Intimacy vs. Isolation
Integrity vs. Despair