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21.A ________ debt to equity ratio number means that a company is using ________ leverage and has ________ equity.
a. lower; more; more
b. higher; more; more
c. higher; less; more
d. lower; less; more
22.Accounting is important for ________.
a. large organizations only
b. for-profit companies only
c. small businesses only
d. organizations of all sizes and types
23.A mutual fund is BEST characterized by ________.
a. multiple investors in a single bond or stock
b. multiple investors in a diversified set of bonds or stocks
c. multiple investors making collective decisions
d. multiple investors with limited knowledge of the market
24.An e-commerce Web site gives frequent shoppers a deduction from its regular prices. This is an example of ________.
a. bundling
b. rebates
c. dynamic pricing
d. discounts
25. Because she believes her company has an excellent reputation for creditworthiness, corporate treasurer Lucia Diaz decides to issue ________ bonds that are not backed by any collateral.
a. secured
b. equity
c. commercial paper
d. unsecured
26.A factory is planning to open in a small town that is currently struggling economically. The town residents should expect a(n) ________.
a. improved economy
b. reduced taxes
c. increase in natural resources
d. lower standards of living
27. A pricing strategy based on what the competition is charging is known as ________ -based pricing.
a. cost
b. demand
c. competition
d. supply
28.Core competencies are easily imitated by other companies, particularly competitors in the same industry.
a. false
b. true
29.Consumer sales promotions are becoming more common because they help segment markets and they are cost-effective.
a. false
b. true
30. Building traffic, increasing brand awareness, responding to an attack by a competitor, or introducing a new product are all examples of possible ________.
a. organizational weaknesses
b. marketing objectives
c. market distribution
d. promotional tools
31. All companies have a code of ethics in place to curb unethical behavior within their organizations.
a. false
b. true
32.Advertising is important in the maturity stage of a business because it helps build mass brand awareness and brand association.
a. false
b. true
33.Business-to-business (B2B) products are goods and services purchased by households for personal consumption.
a. false
b. true
34.An ideal marketing objective is ________.
a. idealistic, quantifiable, and consumer-oriented
b. realistic, qualitative, and competitive
c. time specific, realistic, and quantifiable
d. quantifiable, research-based, and without regard to ethics
35. A 25-year-old with a good job and a high appetite for risk should put a significant portion of her portfolio into ________.
a. growth stocks
b. corporate bonds
c. the money market
d. a savings account
36.CRM is part of why airlines offer frequent flyer programs to all customers and why credit card companies offer low-interest balance transfers only to certain targeted customers
a. false
b. true

37.A bag of snack food says, “Walmart’s Corn Chips.” This is an example of a(n) ________ brand.
a. generic
b. individual
c. family
d. private
38.A perfume company plans on using its products as promotional tools. Which of the following strategies might they employ to reach this goal?
a. write a press release describing the process of making the perfumes
b. give away free perfume samples
c. hire salespeople knowledgeable in the field
d. air a television commercial with a celebrity endorsement
39.Although domestic market segmentation is effective, customized advertising campaigns to global markets are not segmented because marketers realize they do not work better.
a. false
b. true
40.A ________ allows a computer to keep track of how many items are in stock and sold.
a. just-in-time inventory system
b. reserve stock system
c. radio frequency identification
d. stock book solution