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1. It could be argued that crime is a “normal” part of modern life because:
A. No society is free of crime
B. 83 percent of all industrialized nations have reported problems with crime in their societies
C. It is prevalent in almost all western societies
D. All societies have reported problems with crime except for Western Samoa and Andorra, which have crime rates of zero percent
2. A main reason that it is difficult to determine whether white-collar crime is increasing or decreasing is that:
A. Most white-collar criminals are never caught
B. Most white-collar criminals are never convicted
C. White-collar crime in one state may not be a crime in another state
D. There are no regularly collected data for white-collar crimes
3. A space ship lands in Farmer Brown’s field and a little green man from Mars gets out. Farmer Brown shoots the Martian and kills him. The local D.A. charges him with murder. At his trial, Farmer Brown will be:
A. Convicted of murder since the killing was not justified
B. Acquitted since murder involves taking the life of a “human being” and killing Martians has not been criminalized under the law
C. Convicted of manslaughter since the killing was done in the “heat of passion”.
D. Acquitted because there is no evidence in this question that Farmer Brown was advised of his Miranda rights
4. Officer Reynolds answers a 3:00 a.m. burglar alarm call at a camera store. A burglar had ransacked the premises and left. While waiting for the store owner, Officer Reynolds takes a small camera. This is an example of:
A. The perks available to a severely underpaid police force
B. The crime of robbery
C. A type of police corruption known as malfeasance
D. A type of police corruption known as misfeasance
5. Muhammed, an international terrorist wanted by U.S. authorities, is currently in custody in Belgium. He can be transferred to the U.S. if:
A. The world court first determines that there is probable cause that he committed the offenses for which he is charged in the United States
B. It does not violate Islamic law
C. The U.S. and Belgium have an extradition agreement
D. The U.S. files an extraterritorial subpoena with either the Supreme Court of Belgium or the World Court
6. The Nasty Stuff Company is caught dumping toxic waste directly into Clear Creek. They will probably be charged with:
A. Some type of crime against morality since it is immoral to endanger the environment in this manner
B. A regulatory offense since this is a crime against the public health
C. A status offense because of their status as a corporation
D. A felony since the crime is mala in se
7. The greatest challenge for law enforcement fighting computer crime is:
A. Finding that many states do not yet have adequate laws on the book specifically related to computer offenses
B. The cost of successfully prosecuting computer crimes
C. A lack of investigators with the expertise to understand the technical aspects of this growing phenomenon
D. Trying to convince businesses to report the offenses
8. Sources of criminal laws include all of the following except:
A. Ordinances, case law, and statutes
B. Court decisions, penal codes and statutes
C. Criminal codes, ordinances, and the UCR
D. Statutes, administrative regulations, and case law
9. Which of the following is an example of an early intervention program?
A. High/Scope Perry Project
B. Parallel Universe
C. Incredible Years Program
D. Work/Study Program
10. The creation and use of the World Court has been opposed by the United States because:
A. The United Nations would require the U.S. to finance the major portion of its costs
B. The U.S. wants the headquarters to be in San Francisco instead of the Hague
C. The U.S. is upset that none of the current judges on the World Court are American
D. The U.S. doesn’t want to risk making its military leaders subject to prosecution