Civic Life

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After viewing the website, College, Career & Civic Life C3 Framework for Social Studies State Standards, and the content Dimension 1, select a grade level and create an appropriate question to empower the elementary students’ curiosity.
Create a lesson plan surrounding the question providing support in the lesson through inquiries of description, definition, and an evaluating process. Use the GCU Lesson Plan located on the College of Education’s page in the Student Success Center. Align your question to national and state standards. 2:
After viewing the video, Organize Your Thinking to Critically Analyze Text, answer the following questions in a(###) ###-####word essay. Cite at least 3 scholarly resources.
1. What is the first stage in “Keep it or Junk it”? What are the students doing? What is the teacher doing?
2. What do the students do after posting their lists? Do you find this effective? Why or why not?
3. Why was the strategy changed between the two classes to “Jump in and Read”?
4. The teacher changes her instructional strategy yet again with the second group. Why?
5. What academic language do you hear in the student responses?
6. How can you use this video clip to improve your questioning strategies?