BEST source


For the following, which would be the most effective source of information? Circle the BEST source of information.
1)A client is charge with drunk driving. We must determine if the driver was drunk at the time of the arrest.
a) Ask the driver.
b) Get the police report
c) Get the result of blood alcohol level from the police department,
d) Ask an expert
2)A client has suffered major damage to his home from excavation of a next –door lot. We must determine what the amount of damages to the property may be.
a)ask the client
B) ask a contractor
C)take photographs
D) ask a relator.
3)A client slipped in a store and broke his left arm. We know there was witness but do not know who they are.
a)ask the client
b)get the accident report from the store
c)gt a copy of the medical records
d)ask the driver of the ambulance,
4)A client wants to sue a corporation for a fraud. We need to know who to serve.
a) Call the corporation’s office and ask.
b) Call the secretary of state’s office,
c) Ask the client
d) Ask an expert
5)A client is trying to locate a long –lost heir to an estate. We have only the approximate age of the person, name, and last known address.
a)send a letter to the last known address
b)check death records,real estate records, and marriage recors at the count cler’s office in the city for the last know address.
c)Run a “skip trace” search in the internet.
d) Ask the client for contact information for other relatives who may know the whereabout of the heir.
6) a client is unsure if there may be lien filed by the I.R.S againt his personal property that he wants to sell. We need to determine if there is a lien filed.
a) we should call I.R.S
b)we should check with the Secretary of State’s office and conduct a UCC search.
c) We should check credit reports.
d) we should ask an expert.
7) A client wants to sell a piece of real estate that was given to her several years ago, she cannot find a copy of the deed.
a) We should contact the person who gave her the property,
b) we should check the County Clerk’s office to see if the deed was recorded.
c) We should ask the client to search through her papers for the deed.
d) We should ask the client for proof that the property was given to her.
8) A client wants to sue a neighbor for injuries suffered as a result of a dog bite. The client claims that the neighbor’s dog is “vicious”, and has bitten people before. We need to find out who was bittern, and when.
a) Who should contact Animal Control to see if there is a record of the dog being declared vicious.
b) We should ask an expert since the dog Is a pit-bull.
c) We should ask the client to gather the names of the persons who may have been bitter.
d) We should check the police reports.