Behavioral addictions

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Discussion Topic 1 of 2

Behavioral addictions can be a highly debated topic for mental health professionals. Some counselors maintain that addiction is addiction regardless of the substance or behavior involved. Do you believe that behavioral addictions actually exist? How do you think that behavioral addictions are similar to and different from substance addiction? Would you recommend the same type of treatment for behavioral addiction as you would for substance addiction? Defend your viewpoint by integrating the Unit 3 reading assignments or other scholarly sources.

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) approaches to substance abuse and behavioral addictions have been widely practiced and continue to be supported as an effective treatment. Explain the major principles of CBT treatment. Why do you think it is so effective with the addiction’s population? How would you go about incorporating CBT interventions into your treatment plan? Include goals and objectives. Your commentary will be enhanced by your identification and consideration of a specific addiction challenge.

Discussion Topic 2 of 2

Imagine that you are the clinical director for an organization that provides psychological services for children and adults. Develop a comprehensive Clinical Risk Assessment template/form that will be used by the staff you supervise. Attach your form and explain and support your choice of questions you included.

Next, select either the client you developed in Unit 1 or Jennifer in Unit 2. Select an evidence-based harm reduction approach and develop a harm reduction plan for the client. Defend your approach and plan.