Behaving appropriately

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Review the following scenario, and then follow the directions beneath it. Harper, who is in the 3rd grade, attends Sunset Elementary School and has been placed in a class with 25 other 3rd graders. Harper loves her teacher Mrs. Hernandez and struggles when a substitute takes her place. She excels in math and tends to get bored when the other kids in her class struggle. Harper also loves reading about the weather, somewhat obsessively, and can share weather facts and details for hours. She enjoys going to school, but does struggle with the loud noises a school brings. In school assemblies, for instance, she becomes overly upset about the noise level and tends to rock back and forth to calm her. Acting in your role as the school’s Special Education ASD Specialist, create two lesson plans for Harper using the COE Lesson Plan Template, located in the Student Success Center. In the first lesson plan, address developing the student’s communication skills in the following areas:Interacting appropriately with peers
Behaving appropriately in public settings (grocery stores, restaurants, etc.)
Identifying and expressing his/her emotions
In the second lesson plan, address developing the student’s social relationship skills in the following areas:How to appropriately interact with peers
Appropriate behavior in public settings (grocery stores, restaurants, etc.)
Self-expression of behaviors (identification of emotion, happy, sad, mad, etc.)