APA references

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APA format, with at least 3 APA references.
Choose TWO of the following theories you wish to integrate• Psychoanalytic and Psychodynamic Therapy.
• Adlerian Theory.
• Existential Therapy.
• Gestalt Therapy.
• Person-Centered Therapy.
• Behavioral Therapy.
• Reality Therapy.
• Cognitive Therapy.
• Cognitive Behavior Therapy.
• Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy.
• Feminist Therapy.
• Complementary and Alternative Therapies.
• Narrative Therapy.
• Solution-Focused Therapy.
• Family Systems.
• Integrative Therapy.1) summarize your understanding of utilizing an integrative therapeutic model.
2) Summarize the key points of the two theories, identifying some of the similarities and some of the differences.
3) Discuss areas where the theories differ, describe how they would need to be adjusted in order to be integrated with each other.
4) Provide specific examples of how the integrated theories would be used with a client suffering from moderate depression…………