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The Petronas Towers
are located in Jakarta, Indonesia.
are the newest, and largest, buildings in Calcutta.
in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, is the world’s tallest building.
are a symbol of Pakistan’s desire for international recognition.
were destroyed by Buddhist fanatics.
Question 36
Due to Cold War fears, the United States
urged Japan to develop an army of twenty divisions shortly after the outbreak of the Korean War.
acquiesced when the Japanese government established an organized labor movement.
established large military bases in China and Singapore in the late 1960s.
backed away from its policy of breaking up the zaibatsu.
urged the Japanese navy to patrol the Formosa Straits.
Question 37
The regional organization initially formed by Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and the Philippines is known as
Question 38
Yukio Mishima
opposed the “cocacolonization” of Japan and the world.
ironically, owned and operated two “Kentucky Fried Chicken” franchises.
wrote about his fiveyear career as a captive laborer in Laos.
always wrote about powerful and successful women.
died as a result of AIDS.
Question 39
Which of the following was not a factor that promulgated Taiwanese industrial development?
effective governmental support of economic development
U.S.-aided national security
acceptable level of infrastructure development
a poorly educated and unmotivated populace
a manageable population size
Question 41
The customary “government party” in Japan between the 1950s and 1993 was the
People’s Action Party.
Liberal Democratic Party.
Socialist Party.
Social Democratic Party.
Party of the Republic.
Question 42
The “Japanese Miracle”
began with the creation of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 1948.
had its roots in the initial policy decisions made during the Meiji reform period.
refers to the fact that Hokkaido was not damaged by atomic blasts.
led to the establishment of a socialist economy.
successfully completely abolished all social and gender discrimination.
Question 45
According to the agreement between Great Britain and the People’s Republic of China
the British were to leave in 1997, regardless of the welfare of the Hong Kong population.
the Chinese agreed to permit a halfof relatively selfgoverning capitalism in Hong Kong, after British rule ended.
the true nature of Hong Kong autonomy after the British left was not discussed.
the People’s Republican Government ended Hong Kong’s capitalist system.
Hong Kong was recognized as an independent nation by the People’s Republic of China.
Question 46
The country which suffered a domestic holocaust at the hands of the Khmer Rouge is
Question 47
Japanese rap music is
identical, in lyrics and ambience, to that in the United States.
not as associated with violence and sexual abuse, as in the United States.
indigenous, and has no links with that found in Western culture.
mainly concerned with religious themes.
appeals mainly to older and traditional Japanese.