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On September 1, 2010, Donna Equipment signed a one-year, 10% interest-bearing note payable for $52,000. Assuming that Donna Equipment maintains its books on a calendar year basis, how much interest expense that should be reported in the 2011 income statement? (Do not round intermediate calculations.)

Short Company purchased land by paying $29,000 cash on the purchase date and agreeing to pay $29,000 for each of the next eight years beginning one-year from the purchase date. Short’s incremental borrowing rate is 9%. At what amount would the land be reported at on the balance sheet? (Use Table 2) (Round “PV Factor” to 4 decimal places.)


Rudy Corporation is looking to purchase a building costing $460,000 by paying $80,000 cash on the purchase date, and agreeing to make annual payments for the next eight years; the first payment is due one year after the purchase date. Rudy’s incremental borrowing rate is 8%. How much will each of the annual payments be? (Use Table 2) (Round “PV Factor” to 4 decimal places and final answer to nearest dollar amount.)

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What is the correct entry for the sale of 2,900 shares of $25 par value preferred stock for $188,500 cash?

A Cash 188,500
Preferred stock 188,500

B Cash 72,500
Preferred stock 72,500

C Cash 188,500
Gain on sale of preferred stock 116,000
Preferred stock 72,500

D Cash 188,500
Preferred stock 72,500
Capital in excess of par, preferred stock 116,000
Option A
Option C
Option B

RKJ Company has provided the following:
• 100,000 shares of $5 par value common stock are authorized;
• 77,000 shares have been issued;
• 72,000 shares are outstanding.
Which of the following statements is correct?
RKJ can issue an additional 23,000 shares of common stock.
RKJ has 23,000 shares of treasury stock.
RKJ can reissue an additional 28,000 shares of common stock.
RKJ has 28,000 shares of treasury stock.

Kirova Company has provided the following information:

Number of issued common shares, 900,000;

Net income, $1,312,500;

Number of authorized common shares, 1,000,000;

Number of outstanding common shares, 750,000.

Number of treasury shares, 150,000.
What is Kirova’s earnings per share?

DORA Company declared and distributed a 10% stock dividend on 15,000 shares of issued and outstanding $5 par value common stock. The market price per share on the declaration date was $15 and was $14 on the distribution date. Which of the following correctly describes the accounting for the declaration and distribution of the stock dividend?
Retained earnings decreased $22,500.
Common stock increased $22,500.
Retained earnings decreased $21,000.
Capital in excess of par increased $13,500.

Assume the following capital structure:
Preferred stock, 8%, $50 par value, 2,500 shares issued and outstanding with dividends in arrears for three prior years (2007 – 2009).
Common stock, $100 par value, 3,500 shares issued and outstanding.
Total dividends declared and paid in 2010 were $65,000.
How much of the 2010 dividend will be paid to the preferred stockholders assuming the preferred stock is cumulative?

Ans Doc460
1. Ethics of care argues that there is a female moral perspective that contrasts sharply with the male moral perspective.
A. True
B. False
2. According to ethics of care, the female moral perspective takes a more universal and impartial standpoint in reasoning about what is morally good and bad.
A. True
B. False
3. One reason why male and female morality may differ from each other is biological differences between males and females.
A. True
B. False
4. Today feminist ethics is distinguished from an ethics of care that is sometimes called feminine ethics.
A. True
B. False
5. Traditional moral philosophy has been favorable to women as evidenced by the views of Rousseau and Aristotle.
A. True
B. False
6. Some questions have been raised about the ethics of care including the idea that not all mothers are caring and nurturing.
A. True
B. False
7. Ethics of care does not tell us how we are to determine what will help or harm particular individuals.
A. True
B. False
8. A right is a strong legitimate claim.
A. True
B. False
9. By calling something a moral agent we mean that it is a being that can suffer.
A. True
B. False
10. If animals have value only in so far as they are useful for humans, then they have only instrumental, not intrinsic, value.
A. True
B. False

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Which is NOT an Internet-related benefit for business researchers?
A. The ability to gather related information across a wide array of sources
B. The ability to rely on a single data source
C. The ability to upgrade knowledge bases rapidly
D. The ability to use Internet technology to integrate the results of market research with decision-making processes
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Internet business research activities and benefits are generally:
A. profit-oriented.
B. news-oriented.
C. problem-oriented.
D. intelligence-oriented. Reset Selection
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Which of the following is an internal data source?
A. A customer service report
B. An online survey
C. A database of competitor profiles
D. A list of industry patents Reset Selection

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The Internet’s role in developing internal and external data sources includes:
A. providing its own input.
B. making decisions based on its output.
C. interpreting the information it receives.
D. collecting, organizing, and storing data and information. Reset Selection

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The first stage in the business research process is:
A. data collection.
B. plan development.
C. diagnostic.
D. defining the question. Reset Selection

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The first purchase momentum is calculated during the __________ stage.
A. diagnostic
B. data collection
C. data analysis
D. plan development Reset Selection

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The complexity of the data on the Internet and the fast pace of online commercial activity have made which of the following decisions regarding the business research framework valuable?
A. Gathering primary data over secondary data
B. Conducting qualitative research instead of quantitative
C. Having an outside research firm conduct the research instead of conducting it within the company
D. Relying more on internal data sources than external Reset Selection

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__________ is the use of often-sophisticated software tools to elicit patterns and impose order on sets of information.
A. Sampling
B. Web analytics software
C. Listserv
D. Data mining Reset Selection

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In the Runkel and McGrath framework, Internet-based data are classified according to:
A. whether they are descriptive, diagnostic, or predictive.
B. whether they are primary or secondary.
C. whether the source of the data was aware and who collected the data
D. whether the data was collected for product-centered or competition-centered decision making. Reset Selection

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Analyzing the contents of online “shopping carts” is an example of which class of Internet-based data sources?
A. Respondent unaware
B. Researcher hidden
C. Recorder archival
D. Respondent aware Reset Selection

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One way the author of this textbook recommends to effectively manage credibility concerns with online information is to:
A. only visit Internet sites that are recommended by your superiors.
B. only use information from sites that are regulated by the FCC.
C. combine online and offline aspects of business research.
D. combine primary and secondary information sources. Reset Selection

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Which of the following online research activities endangers a respondent’s privacy?
A. Focus groups
B. Online surveys
C. Listservs
D. E-mail Reset Selection

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Which of the following is NOT a content-related role of commercial Web sites?
A. Disabling transactions
B. Building a corporate image
C. Managing customer relationships
D. Building brands Reset Selection

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Transaction-based sites include which of the following?
A. Sites that give customers detailed information about the corporation’s strategic focus
B. Sites that provide FAQs, online manuals, and live customer support
C. Sites that allow consumers to buy goods and services via the Internet
D. Sites that inform customers about product rollouts and promotions Reset Selection

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Chat room and bulletin board links on a corporation’s home page are examples of which of the following online content-related sources?
A. Company-created
B. Customer-created
C. Government-created
D. Competitor-created Reset Selection

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A downside to customer word-of-mouth as an established source of online Web page content is:
A. the potential for the “halo effect.”
B. the lack of control that the organization can have over the content.
C. the potential for the content to be syndicated.
D. the unpredictability of the content. Reset Selection

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A __________ file offers access to the user in real-time.
A. virtual
B. plug-in
C. downloadable
D. streaming Reset Selection

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FAQs, games, customer support, and sweepstakes are examples of:
A. interactive Web page content.
B. streaming audio/video files.
C. three-dimensional automations.
D. plug-ins. Reset Selection

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Which of the following products available on the Internet is least likely to change the product strategy decision making of its parent company?
B. Internet service providers
C. Online books
D. iTunes Reset Selection

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Online shopping agents most directly affect which of the following business activities?
A. Procurement
B. Pricing
C. Marketing
D. Distribution