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What is Public Const Epsilon = 0.0000000005 in constants.vb module?

(1) What is this function used for?
Public Function IsZero(x As Double) As Boolean
Return Math.Abs(x) < Zero
End Function

(2) Whis is this function used for?

Public Function ChainRule(ByVal f As Evaluable, ByVal g As Evaluable) As Evaluable
Return New Operation(Op.Times,f,g.Derivative).Simplify
End Function
It helps implement the standard chain rule. I rewrote it in the latest version to
(3) What does an underscore prefix mean?
What is public function compareto really do? (in DataPoint class)?

What does mustoverride stand for? What is different between override and mustoverride?

(4) What does enum stand for?
In statement “MyEvaluable = eva.Clone”, what does the clone attribute mean?

In statement “MyEvaluable.Simplify, what simplify stands for throughout the program?

What does the GraphingData routine do?

Is the entire Operation and ValueObject used by expressions specified in general expression screen?