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The Substance-Related and Addictive Disorders are some of the more complex disorders to treat. In addition, there is ongoing debate about using pharmacological treatment when a client is already using substances. In your professional opinion, do you think it is appropriate to use pharmacological treatment with clients who are diagnosed with substance-related disorders? Why or why not? What do you think are the underlying causes of a substance-related disorder? How would you treat a client with a substance-related disorder?
How would you use your knowledge of the psychopharmacology of reward in treating your clients diagnosed with substance-related disorders?

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Psychoactive medications have side effects and some of the side effects can have long-term or even permanent effects. As a psychology professional you are likely to be working with clients who are on medications. What would you say to your client who tells you that they have just been prescribed medication and they know that medication has side effects? What strategies would you recommend to your client to manage the expected side effects? Imagine one of your clients is a university professor in the department of biology and asks you how does psychoactive medication work? How would you answer? Would your answer be different if you responded from the perspective of brain-disabling theory (CBI)?