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14. Olivia and Dwayne are discussing newborn kittens and puppies. Olivia says that five to fourteen days after delivery, a newborn kitten’s eyes will open and have full vision. Dwayne says that the kitten’s eyes will open and the kitten will have limited vision. Who is correct?

A. Both are correct.
B. Only Dwayne is correct.
C. Neither is correct.
D. Only Olivia is correct.

15. A procedure that removes infected secretions is

A. stripping.
B. second intention.
C. agglutination.
D. hemostasis.

16. Normal puppies and kittens are expected to

A. crawl and right themselves at birth.
B. first begin opening eyelids by 3 to 4 weeks of age.
C. begin suckling at birth.
D. regulate their body temperature by 4 days of age.

17. A 20 kg dog has a PCV of 20%. We want to perform a blood transfusion and raise the PCV to 25%. How much donor blood (PCV = 40%) needs to be transfused?

A. 250 mL
B. 110 mL
C. 220 mL
D. 400 mL

18. You’re about to assist a veterinarian with blood collection from a donor cat. The optimal site for collection would be the _______ vein.

A. external jugular
B. cephalic
C. sublingual
D. medial saphenous

19. An animal in the veterinary practice where you work is being treated with massage therapy. For which one of the following conditions would massage be most beneficial?

A. Fracture
B. Edema
C. Sprain
D. Hemorrhage

20. The veterinarian for whom you work has recommended whirlpool therapy for an animal in the veterinary hospital. Which of the following conditions would be most helped by this type of therapy?

A. Amputation
B. Vascular disease
C. Recent surgery
D. Fever