AIO File122

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1. You’ve been assigned to do research for a new case. The client was injured in a botched medical
procedure. The attorney is looking for an expert witness who specializes in surgery. Name one method of
finding expert witnesses.
A. Search NHTSA.
B. Search jury verdicts and reports in Lexis-Nexis.
C. Search PACER dial-up service.
D. Search the National Expert Witness Database.
2. You need to find the Social Security number of a person involved in a litigation matter. What is your
research strategy?
A. Use a meta index on the Internet.
B. Use a search engine.
C. Use Information America or a commercial database.
D. Use a CD-ROM library.
4. The system for e-filing in the courts is
A. always contracted to an independent vendor.
B. handled uniformly throughout the federal and state court system.
C. always handled by each court individually.
D. handled differently in different courts.
5. You’re applying for a paralegal job with Microsoft. They’ve asked you to submit a scannable risumi to
them. What format would you use?
A. WordPerfect
C. Word 2000
6. Your office has accepted a new plaintiff’s personal injury case where the client was injured in a rear-end
automobile accident. The attorney wants your help in determining the potential value of the case. What
type of legal materials would you research on the Internet?
A. Practice materials
B. Law reviews and treatises
C. Jury verdicts and settlements
D. Primary materials
7. You found an article on the Internet and need to provide a citation to the article for a memorandum
you’re writing. The article is entitled “Inside the Internet: Top 30 Websites for Paralegals” by Debra
Hindin-King, in the National Paralegal Reporter, On-Line 1999 edition, which you viewed on Dec. 17,
2000. You’re unable to locate a printed form of this article elsewhere. What’s the proper citation format for
this article?
A. Inside the Internet: Top 30 Websites for Paralegals (On-line 1999 Edition) [
B. Debra Hindin-King, Inside the Internet: Top 30 Websites for Paralegals, National Paralegal Reporter (On-line 1999
Edition), The Internet
C. Debra Hindin-King, Inside the Internet: Top 30 Websites for Paralegals, National Paralegal Reporter,
D. Debra Hindin-King, Inside the Internet: Top 30 Websites for Paralegals, National Paralegal Reporter Online ’99, at… visited Dec. 17, 2000)
8. Of the following, where is the best place to look for information regarding privately held corporations?
A. A public records site
B. An online investment and financial site
C. The SEC’s EDGAR database
D. A commercial database like
9. Which of the following is an indication that a Web site’s information is of questionable quality?
A. There’s a link for you to contact the site’s author.
B. The graphics are poor quality.
C. There’s no update information on the site.
D. The site has a mission statement.
10. You’re working on a personal injury case where the client was injured in an automobile accident when
her seatbelt accidentally unlatched and she was ejected from the vehicle. The attorney believes the vehicle
manufacturer designed the seatbelt in a defective manner. What type of information could you retrieve
from the Internet to possibly back up your attorney’s opinions and conclusions?
A. Trajectory studies
B. Company information
C. Traffic safety information
D. Medical information
11. You’re on the Internet trying to locate an address for a private company in Texas as well as some addresses for individuals in California. You’ve checked about eight Web sites and haven’t found any meaningful results. What’s your next step?
A. Inform the supervising attorney you found nothing.
B. Continue surfing from site to site until you locate the needed information.
C. Log on to a commercial database such as Lexis-Nexis or Westlaw.
D. Start the project over and revisit the Web sites in case you missed something.
12. You have the name of a company, and the attorney wants to know if the company is involved in federal litigation as a plaintiff or defendant. What’s your next step?
A. Look in the U.S. Party/Case Index.
B. Go to FindLaw and search each federal court’s database.
C. Go to state court sites for every state the company does business in.
D. Look in The Virtual Chase.
13. You need to find out the financial situation of a public company that a client is planning to sue. What’s the most efficient way to find the company’s financial information, such as its balance sheet and cash flow?
A. Look for news on the company in the financial newspapers.
B. Go to the SEC’s EDGAR database and download a copy of the latest company filings.
C. Go to a financial news site, such as The