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Duane will use an open system LAN because he knows the open system will support varieties of
hardware and software components made by different vendors. Steve will use a closed system LAN because he knows the closed system is favored by network manufacturers. Who is using the best system for a LAN?
A. Neither
B. Only Duane
C. Only Steve
D. Both
An ISP connects you to
A. the world wide web
B the hard drive
C a zip drive
D a network switch box
Two PC technicians are discussing software. Technician A considers software to be firmware only.
Technician B says the firmware and operating system together determine if the PC is working properly.
Which technician is correct?
A. Both
B. Only Technician B
C. Neither
D. Only Technician A
In today’s PC environment, you’re most likely to find floppy drives on
A. legacy or older computers.
B. smartphones.
C. stand alone networked terminals.
D. Kindles and IPADs.
An Internet Service Provider is a company that
A. keeps an inventory of all files on your hard drive.
B. acts as a utility to connect users to the Internet.
C. diagnoses problems with your computer automatically.
D. requires proprietary software available only to paying customers.
All data must be copied into _______ before the CPU can read them.
A. cache
The wireless mouse works by
A. transmission to an antenna installed within 30 feet of the computer.
B. special purpose software running on an integrated circuit in the mouse case.
C. Bluetooth connectivity to the CPU.
D. transmission to a receiver mounted in a USB port.
Which of the following would be the best Internet connection for a person living in a isolated area?
A. Cable modem
B. Fiber Optic
D. Satellite
Francis says that the self-configuring PCI bus led to the Plug and Play innovation. Albert says it was the ISA bus that led to Plug and Play. Who is correct?
A. Both
B. Only Albert
C. Only Francis
D. Neither
A network that offers network services to users at their individual workstations is a/an
Which of the following best describes the ink-jet printer?
A. uses expensive, heat-sensitive paper, is inflexible, and yields a low-quality output
B. Works the same as a laser printer but uses light-emitting diodes
C. Similar in operation to a dot matrix printer and offers both high quality and affordability
D. Similar in operation to electric or manual typewriters
The XP boot process was speeded up by which technological innovation?
A. By running boot functions in parallel
B. Microsoft mandated use of dedicated video RAM
C. Hardware designed to use higher voltage while running boot routines
D. By locating the BOOT INI file in its own directory
For secondary storage, Carl will use a flash drive. Keith will use the computer’s hard drive as secondary storage. Who is using the correct device for secondary storage?
A. Keith only
B. Neither
C. Both
D. Carl only
You should avoid trying to repair a CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) monitor because
A. the attached PC contains encrypted coding that will be lost.
B. high voltages remain in the CRT and can deliver dangerous shocks.
C. you’ll void the warranty.
D. wiring to the PC might short out.
What does BIOS stand for?
A. Binary instruction override system
B. Basic integrated operating system
C. Backup information only system
D. Basic input/output system
can be used more than once.
A. Extended Codex
D. PC layers
Which of the following tasks is not performed by the operating system (OS) of a PC?
A. Formats graphics for Web sites
B. Prioritizes system requests
C. Controls input and output devices
D. Manages memory
Which one of these devices is considered an input device?
A. Plotter
B. Printer
C. Monitor
D. Scanner
What type of mouse is becoming the most preferred?
A. Optical
B. Wheeled
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C. Mechanical
D. Roller ball
What operating system uses Fastboot?
A. Vista
B. Windows 7
C. Unix
D. Windows XP