AIO Fil19

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1) A component has a measured dimension that is symetrically distributed about a mean value of 0.80.
What is the probability that three of these products in a row would measure below 0.80?

2) A maintenance team conducted a study and found that during the last three months, the copper line broke down an average of 0.1 times per day. if the line is scheduled to operate 8hrs/day, 5days/wek, what is the probability of the line breaking down two times in one day

3) The probability of drawing two defective pieces one after the other on the first and second samples with placement for a lot of 50 pieces containing 5 defective pieces is?

4) The breaking strength of plastic bottles is normally distributed with variance of 25. the process has a reject rate of 0.0197 for bottles that fall below the specification of 255 pounds per square inch (psi). the mean breaking strength is approximately how many pounds psi

A bowl contains 100 beads, 5 of which are red, 5 are blue and the rest are white. if two balls are drawn, with replacement, which of the following formulas should be used to determine the probability that a red bead will be drawn first and a blue bead will be drawn second