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Case Study Analysis

Consider either of the two case study examples presented in Chapter 10. Explain why you find the selected case study to be the most effective treatment plan of the two. Next, analyze the counselor’s approach, sharing both positive examples of the treatment considerations as well as areas where you feel it may be strengthened. Explain and support your choices.

If you selected David’s plan, evaluate each of the six presented sessions, discuss his choices for treatment orientation during each session, and create what you believe might be the outcome for the group members following each session.

If you selected Nikki’s treatment plan, evaluate the eleven components of the therapy plan. Which do you feel are well applied and which may be less effective for the members of this therapy group? Why do you think so? How might you expect the clients to respond to each of these areas? What do you see as the counselor’s goal for each process?

Twelve-Step Groups

Explore any of the websites listed at the conclusion of Chapter 12. Share the information you have discovered about the self-help group you have investigated in your research. You may include additional outside references in support of your observations.

Compare the advantages and disadvantages of the group’s orientation to self-help and evaluate which addiction client population might be best served by this group and why.

Next, provide your thoughts about the success of twelve-step programs and support your observations with supportive research and references.