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Exam: 501159RR – White-Collar Crime in Various Systems
1. Crimes committed by members of the U.S. military are dealt with through the
A. United States Uniform Code of Military Justice.
B. United Nations legal system.
C. staff judge advocate system.
D. Federal courts.

2. If a professor is dating one of the students in her department, but the student is not in any of her classes,
what kind of issue would this be considered?
A. Academic incest
B. Sexualized comments
C. Rape
D. Grades for sex

3. Which of the following is not a system of social control?
A. Political system
B. Criminal justice system
C. Education system
D. Religious system
4. The amount of _______ is a distressingly common finding among articles submitted to medical journals.
A. plagiarism
B. fabricated resumes
C. faulty assumptions
D. ghostwriting

5. When a salesperson uses her employee discount to help her mother purchase a new dress, she is
engaging in
A. legal, acceptable behavior.
B. giving her mother a sweetheart deal.
C. traditional activity found in virtually all retail outlets.
D. a minor offense that has little impact.

6. Researchers have found that students who have been sexually harassed by their professors
A. are more likely to report the incident than people in the business world.
B. don’t see the matter as criminal.
C. are less likely to report the incident than people in the workplace.
D. set themselves up as victims.

7. Jeff and Don are discussing the problem of sexual misconduct in the corrections system. Jeff says that
verbal harassment and consensual sex are considered sexual misconduct. Don says that improper visual
surveillance and improper touch are considered sexual misconduct. Who is correct?
A. Only Don is correct.
B. Both are correct.
C. Neither is correct.
D. Only Jeff is correct.

8. Sue is a state trooper on duty. However, before she came on duty she had several beers and appears
drunk. According to Stinson’s typology, what form of police deviance is taking place on her shift?
A. Alcohol-related offense
B. Sex-related deviance
C. Profit-motivated police crime
D. Violence-related police crime

9. When a representative of a government commits a crime on behalf of the government, he or she is
engaging in _______ crime.
A. imperial
B. international
C. state
D. political

10. Which is one of the main reasons there are such high rates of theft by workers in restaurants?
A. Most workers are younger
B. Most workers are full-time
C. Maintaining inventory of food items is often difficult
D. Most workers have college degrees

11. Persuading someone to buy more insurance than necessary is called
A. misrepresentation.
B. switching.
C. stacking.
D. sliding.

12. Which office is considered the most powerful in the criminal justice system?
A. Prosecutor
B. Defense Attorney
C. Sheriff
D. Judge

13. Death related to medication errors may be the result of an influx of new physicians into medical
practices and residents. This is known as
A. august exists.
B. summer slaughter.
C. the November Man.
D. the July Effect.

14. Plagiarism by students has become an increasingly challenging problem. Which of the following
projects has been helpful in identifying plagiarized papers?
A. Blackboard
B. Cheat search
C. Turnitin
D. Microsoft Word

15. Internal payoffs, corruption of authority, and shakedowns are all examples of
A. police corruption.
B. prosecutorial corruption.
C. judicial misconduct.
D. attorney misconduct.
16. Which of the following is not a strategy used to address crimes against nursing home residents?
A. Organizational security
B. Facility policies
C. Community outreach
D. Educational strategies

17. Publishers lose money and authors are deprived of their royalties when
A. professors sell their complimentary copies of textbooks.
B. students buy textbooks through campus bookstores.
C. colleges carry textbooks in their libraries.
D. bookstores “double-dip” on used books.

18. Which of the following are examples of prevention strategies for the restaurant business?
A. Inventory control, controlled exits, and inspections of employees’ belongings
B. Inventory control, controlled exits, and background checks
C. Inventory control, anonymous tip lines, and inspections of employees’ belongings
D. Background checks, controlled exits, and anonymous tip lines

19. To avoid research misconduct, it has been suggested that mentors should train their students do all the following except
A. deal with stress at work.
B. pay others to write your research papers.
C. review source data.
D. understand research standards.

20. Which of the following has been identified as a reason why elder abuse occurs?
A. Stressed offenders commit the offenses because of a stressful interaction with the patient.
B. Offenders are paid by the patients’ relatives to hurt the individual.
C. Inadequate employment screening allows abusive individuals to work in elder care.
D. Lack of enforcement allows abuse to continue.