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The world of technology is a world that is continually evolving. One technology is replaced by another on a regular basis, creating challenges for those who make decisions about which technologies to purchase. As a technology leader in your school and classroom, it is helpful to be able to anticipate the emergence of technologies that may cause a current technology to become obsolete. McLuhan’s Laws of Media features a four-quadrant tetrad that you can use to predict future developments in technology.

For this task, select an emerging technology, and then create a tetrad with four progressions. For the technology you have selected, complete the following tetrad sections:

  • Enhances: What does this technology do that is new?
  • Obsoletes: What does this technology replace?
  • Retrieves/Rekindles: What does this technology bring to mind (or retrieve) from the past?
  • Reverses: What might replace this technology in the future, or what might it cause to occur?

Describe the potential impact of the technology on teaching and learning and explain why a school might want to adopt this particular technology.

Length: 5-7 pages
References: Minimum of three scholarly resources