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Exam: 350605RR – Psychology: The Science of the Mind
1. If we predict that the more years of education employees have, the higher their income will be, we are expecting to find a
A. hypothesis.
B. negative correlation.
C. variable.
D. positive correlation.
2. Touch, pressure, temperature, and pain play a critical role in survival. These are known as
A. gestation senses.
B. hair senses.
C. skin senses.
D. olfactory senses.
3. Dr. Lombard’s research focuses on the capacity of the human mind to store and retrieve information.
Her colleague, Dr. Fry, is a clinician who strives to help his clients “be all they can be.” As a fly on the wall listening to these two psychologists’ civil disputes during coffee breaks, which psychological perspective can you assume Dr. Fry adheres to?
A. Behavioral
B. Psychodynamic
C. Cognitive
D. Humanist
4. If someone has Parkinson’s disease, they have a deficiency of which neurotransmitter?
A. Epinephrine
B. Acetylcholine
C. Norepinephrine
D. Dopamine
5. Psychology can be defined as the
A. scientific study of mental illnesses.
B. scientific study of behavior and mental processes.
C. scientific study of the mind.
D. way to describe events and circumstances.
6. Lorraine and Albert are discussing neurotransmitters while getting ready for an exam. Lorraine maintains that dendrites receive and sort both excitatory and inhibitory messages. Albert, on the other hand, argues it’s endorphins that complete the selection process. Who is correct?
A. Albert
B. Lorraine
C. Neither Lorraine or Albert
D. Both Lorraine and Albert
7. It has been hypothesized that _______ of dopamine produces negative consequences, like schizophrenia.
A. normal production
B. continuous production
C. underproduction
D. overproduction
8. The formal beginning of psychology began in Germany and the United States by which two men?
A. Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung
B. Sigmund Freud and ***** *****
C. Carl Jung and Wilhelm Wundt
D. ***** ***** and Wilhelm Wundt
9. A reflex, like automatically removing your hand from a hot stove, involves pain messages sent to the spinal cord by way of _______ neurons, while the movement of your hand is controlled by _______
A. sensory; motor
B. somatic; sympathetic
C. somatic; sensory
D. motor; sensory
10. Agatha maintains that people are capable of freely making voluntary choices. Constance is mainly focused on how aggression is caused by genetic inheritance. It seems reasonable to assume that Constance is not much interested in environmental factors impacting behavior while Agatha rejects
A. determinism.
B. mental processes.
C. introspection.
D. heredity.
11. According to a Gestalt principle called _______, when we’re looking at a crowd of people, we tend to perceive people grouped close together as belonging to a common or related group.
A. proximity
B. closure
C. simplicity
D. expectancy
12. Rods are to light intensity as cones are to
A. the iris.
B. the optic nerve.
C. the retina.
D. color perception.
13. In the ear, the basilar membrane and hair cells are found in the
A. cochlea.
B. oval window.
C. anvil and stirrup.
D. auditory nerve.
14. Trephining is the term used to explain how, seven thousand years ago,
A. bumps on a person’s skull explained their personality.
B. animal spirits were able to inhabit a person’s body.
C. intelligence was transmitted through the brain.
D. a hole was made in a patient’s skull to allow the escape of evil spirits.
15. Which of the following statements regarding depth perception is true?
A. The change in position of an object relative to the retina is a binocular cue.
B. Texture gradient is a monocular cue.
C. Experience teaches us to perceive relative size as an indicator of the color of an object.
D. Motion parallax is detected because we perceive binocular disparity.
16. In conducting an experiment, the experimenter divides a sample group of 60 children into two groups of 30 called group A and group B. To make sure the two groups are similar in terms of age, IQ, and so on, the experimenter will assign people to either group A or B using a/an ________ assignment procedure, such as a coin toss, where heads sends a subject to group A and tails sends a subject to group B.
A. subjective
B. independent
C. experimental
D. random
17. In a neuron, the myelin sheath serves to insulate
A. dendrites.
B. the cell body.
C. the axon.
D. terminal buttons.
18. Where does most processing of visual images take place?
A. Rods
B. Visual cortex
C. Optic chiasm
D. Cones
19. Dr. Jones is interested in how human behavior may be genetically inherited from remote ancestors. Her field of interest is
A. clinical neuropsychology.
B. behavioral genetics.
C. evolutionary psychology.
D. chemical psychobiology.
20. The left hemisphere of the cerebral cortex is more specialized in language functions and processing information sequentially. The right hemisphere tends to specialize in spatial perception and distinguishing patterns.
These are examples of cortex
D.evolution.C. humanistic
D. cognitive