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Discussion Topic 1 of 2

Drugs disable the normal function of the brain and psychology professionals need to be mindful of the effects of psychotropic drugs on their clients. Psychology professionals have a responsibility to their clients to be helpful and not cause harm. What if the long-term drug use of your client that you encouraged to use medication ended in causing neurological impairment? With this in mind:
•Compare and contrast the two alternative models of drug action using the CBI model and the traditional model for treating depression.
•Explain how the effects of drugs and dosage on the brain disrupt brain function.
•Discuss implications of long-term drug use.

Discussion Topic 2 of 2

Think of a research question and hypothesis that you have an interest in exploring further (feel free to use your work from the last unit here). Keep these in mind when answering the following questions for our Discussion this week: Imagine that you are a psychology professional in a very busy clinical practice. This week you are referred three new clients. During the initial phone call to make an appointment each of the clients says that they are “depressed.” However, when gathering information, you are aware that each of them has a very different history and symptoms. With this in mind:
•Compare and contrast treatment of an adult with depression as compared to treatment of a child/adolescent with depression.
•Select either the adult or child/adolescent and decide whether you would recommend an antidepressant.
•Explain and support your choice including a discussion of potential for dependency.