Team 456

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Team Design of a Family Engagement Strategy

Goal: Explore ideas about engaging with families that extend beyond “involvement”

Objective: Synthesize family engagement and inter-professional collaboration concepts by collaboratively applying these to a practice-based problem.

Design a family partnership initiative matched to the needs and interests of a specified group of children and families. Again, come to consensus about a practice-based family engagement issue. The plans must include:

1) A narrative description of the initiative to explain the rationale for the approach you took. This must draw upon specific course concepts and readings (e.g., developmental considerations, generalizing the idea of needs assessment, funds of knowledge, incorporating cultural and linguistic diversity, etc.);

2) A logic model/theory of change* using guidance from Coffman (1999), week 13;


3) An implementation plan for the initiative (some guidance is provided, although the point is practicing intentionality/planning, rather than plugging responses into a standard format). This plan should also consider the kind of professional development that will support the initiative.

Create a Two-page reflection, addressing:

1. Lessons learned from thinking intentionally about engaging with families

2. The relationship between professional development and family engagement

3. How you will apply some of these lessons to your practice