Suppose probability

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Suppose there is a 27.3 % probability that a randomly selected person aged 25 years or older is a smoker. In​ addition, there is a 19.4 % probability that a randomly selected person aged 25 years or older is male comma given that he or she smokes. What is the probability that a randomly selected person aged 25 years or older is male and smokes question mark Would it be unusual to randomly select a person aged 25 years or older who is male and smokes

What is society’s obligation to ensure access to a basic level of health care for all its citizens and how can it be accomplished? Should government take a more aggressive role in reshaping the healthcare delivery system or should the economy be allowed to continue exerting market-driven reforms? What lessons can be learned from healthcare delivery systems that exist in other industrialized nations? Hospital emergency departments continue to be used as a source of primary medical care by large numbers of the community’s medically unsupervised population. What are the implications of this practice for the patients, and on health care costs and quality of care? Identify the major factors that have resulted in the shift in utilization from inpatient hospitalization to ambulatory care services. What are the implications of this shift for hospitals, consumers, and the health care delivery system as a whole?
Quality: How does the quality of healthcare in the US compare to the quality of care in other industrialized nations. How can an acceptable quality of health care be assured for all? Will providing data in areas such as patient outcomes, compliance with national standards for preventative and chronic care, and comparative costs to the public be an acceptable measure of healthcare delivery outcomes? Though physicians believed that only physicians could and should judge the quality of hospital medical care, they found participation in such hospital peer review activities a most disagreeable obligation. What were the problems with the process? Managed care organization credentialing byt he National Committee on Quality Assurance rapidly evolved as a standard of quality in the industry. Discuss the pros and cons on the value of credentialing by an independent organization to a managed care organization and to consumers. How does medical technology affect the communication between healthcare providers and patiens? What affect does this have on the quality of care?