Student class

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Create a Student class. Do followings in Student class. Declare these data members:
1. a static int Count.2. a private static readonly Random variable rnd.private static readonly Random rnd = new Random();3. private string firstName, lastName, int sID, create public properties for these three data members.4. Two constructors
a). Constructor 1: public Student(string first , string last , int id)
—-this constructor set values for firstName, lastName, sID, and increase Count value by 1.b). Constructor 2: public Student(string first=””, string last = “”)
—-This constructor set values for firstName, lastName, and increase Count value by 1.
—-Create StudentID by calling rnd.Next(1000,9999).
—-Note this constructor is called when
Student s1 = new Student();
Student s2 = new Student(“Peter”);
Student s3 = new Student(“Morgan”, “Simmons”);5. In main()
static void Main(string[] args)
List myList = new List();Student s1 = new Student();
s1.FirstName = “John”;
s1.LastName = “Smith”;
s1.StudentID = 2560;
myList.Add(s1);Student s2 = new Student(“Peter”);
myList.Add(s2);Student s3 = new Student(“Morgan”, “Simmons”);
myList.Add(s3);Student s4 = new Student(“James”, “Walters”);
myList.Add(s4);Student s5 = new Student(“Linda”, “Scott”, 1005);
myList.Add(s5);Console.WriteLine();Console.WriteLine(“Total students: {0}”, Student.Count);//Create foreach loop to iterate through list,
//use Console.WriteLine to display Student Name and Student ID.}