SEI Strategies application

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Part 1 using the Office of English Language Acquisition Services (OELAS) website or the department of education website in your state, choose one English language proficiency (ELP) standard from each of the following domains:
1. Listening and speaking
2. Reading
3. Writing
For each standard, complete the “English Language Proficiency Chart” by including the following:
1. The ELP standard
2. The correlating language arts standards or Common Core Standard
3. A learning activity aligned with these standards
Part 2
Spend time observing at least one content area classroom that services ELLs in a Title 1 setting. Let your mentors know that you are observing the implementation of SEI strategies.
Complete the “Adapted Lesson Plan Worksheet” based on what you observed in a content area classroom. If SEI strategies are not utilized, complete the worksheet by describing how the teaching strategies that you observed could be adapted to better meet the learning needs of ELLs.
Part 3
Choose five SEI strategies from your required readings. Create a chart or organized list of these strategies with examples of how you would apply each strategy to three content areas of your choice.