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1. Enter the text for the flier from Figure 11. Type the
document in Normal style, single spaced. Save the document as flier.
Learn What’s New in Word 2013
Attend a daylong, hands-on workshop conducted by LEARN-2-COMPUTE, Inc. Workshop covers these new features: Reading Mode, Bookmarks, editing text in PDFs in Word, Simple Markup Tracking, and inserting online pictures and video directly in Word.
To learn these new features, attend a one-day training seminar the week of November 10. All workshops conducted in the conference room at the Blue Smoke Shilo Inn.
For complete details and registration materials, call Jo Bill at 1-888-555-3467,
ext. 4471.
FIGURE 11—Text for the Flier
2. Create a special heading. Insert five hard returns
between the first line of text “Learn What’s New in Word
2013” and the second line “Attend a daylong. . . .”
Use WordArt to create the heading. First, delete the first
line of text. Then, click WordArt from the Insert tab.
Choose the WordArt style in the top row, second column
from the left (Figure 12). When the WordArt text box
appears, move the text box so that it’s centered and
approximately 1½ inches from the top of the page. Type
the heading into the text box. Set the font as 28-point
3. Emphasize key information with special formatting.
• Format the next two lines, beginning with “Attend a
daylong . . .” and ending with “new features,” and
set the font at 18 point. Insert a hard return after
“new features.”
Graded Project

• Insert three hard returns before the last three lines of text on the flier.
4. Format the remaining text at 16 point, bold,
italic. Center align the text.
5. Insert text into a table format. • Place the cursor in front of the word “To” in the first line. From the Insert tab, click Table and then Insert Table. Change the number of columns and rows to 1 (Figure 14). A 1 × 1 table should now appear above the text you
• Cut and paste the lines of text inside the table. You may need to add a hard
return to center the text.
6. Select Online Pictures from the Insert menu and choose an appropriate image. Figure 15 shows the image we chose. Use the Picture tools to insert, resize, and position the image to the right of the bulleted list. Note:
Please refer back to your Microsoft Word study unit if you’re having trouble moving the image.
FIGURE 14—The Insert Table dialog box allows you to customize the size of the table.
7. Save your work, making sure the flier fits on one page.
8. Check the spelling and grammar, and make any appropriate
9. After some time has passed, proofread the entire docu-
ment so far. Inspect the overall layout, and try to spot
and correct any errors that you may have overlooked
Graded Project

FIGURE 15—Insert an image to
the right of the bulleted list.
1. Prepare to enter text on a new page by inserting a page
break at the end of the flier you created.
2. Create a table to organize the registration form.
• On the new page, insert a table consisting of five
columns and seven rows.
• Select the first row of the table. under the Table
Tools layout tab, click on Merge Cells. The cell borders
will disappear, leaving one long row. using Figure
16 as your guide, continue adjusting and
the cells to form the remainder of the form.
3. Enter the text into the form as it appears in Figure 16.
You may need to adjust the size of the cells to create a
visually pleasing and useful form.
Microsoft Word